isnt she lovely

ur 18 home alone ur in love with harry styles (of course who wouldnt be)


4. harry+sarah=love

harry: really

sarah: yea really who wouldnt want 2

harry:i would think u would already have some one cuse ur sooo beautiful

sarah: thnxs but no but now i have u

harry: awww thnxs

sarah:ur welcome

niall walks in

niall: hey guys whats up

sarah and harry: nm wbu and wheres cami

niall:she had to go to walmart and nm

sarah: geuss what??? :)

niall : what

harry: yea what

sarah: me and Harry r goin out now!!!!

harry: o yea

sarah naw dip sherlock

niall: congrats and im sure cami told u about me and her

Sarah: no no she didnt harry told me

niall: really

sarah: yea




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