isnt she lovely

ur 18 home alone ur in love with harry styles (of course who wouldnt be)


3. date with harry

sarah: hey harry

harry:hey baby

sarah: ready to go

Harry:yea but first put these on


30min ride here

sarah:so where r we

harry: we are at ur favorite place

sarah: huh?????

harry:cami told me what ur favorite place to eat was

Sarah:really awww well tell niall tht cami has fallen deeply in love with

harry intrupets

harry:did she not tell u

sarah:tell me what

harry: tht her and niall are goin out


harry: well thts why i brought u here i have to ask u a bigg qeustion

sarah: .....

harry: sarah i kno we just met but i LOVE u

sarah: i love u too

harry: so will u be my girlfriend????

harrrys thoughts: hopefully she says yes i love her

sarah: hellz yea

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