isnt she lovely

ur 18 home alone ur in love with harry styles (of course who wouldnt be)


2. after show

sarah: hey niall

niall: hey

harry whispers something to niall

niall: hey cami let me show u around

cami: kk c in a bit sarah


harry: hey


harry: can i ask u something

sarah: yea sure anything

harry: do u belivie in love at first sight?

Sarah: yea why

harry: cuse i fell in love with u right when u walk in the door thts why niall gave yall the backstage passes

sarah: really

Harry: yea

sarah: well i was with u since the beinging ever since u auditioned for x-factor i thought he is goin be famous 1 day

Harry: and u were right

Sarah : yep

Harry: can i have ur #

sarah: yea sure

Harry:can i ask u something else

sarah: yea sure

harry: i know we just met and stuff but will u go out to eat with me tomorrw at 7??

sarah : yes were do u want to meet??

harry: here

sarah: kk i gtg c u tomorrw

harry bye love

sarah: bye

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