isnt she lovely

ur 18 home alone ur in love with harry styles (of course who wouldnt be)


1. 1 D concert

sarahs pov

OMN today we see one direction in concert u call your friend cami she is our her way to your house she is nervous but she cant wait 30 mins till time for concert "come on cami were goin be late

cami: hold 1 min almost done                                                                            

sarah: k lets go

u get there u c niall he has somthin in his hand and he walks over to u and hands u backstage passes

sarah: tanks niall

niall: ur welcome by the way i saw harry starin at u like hes in love and he wants to meet u after the show

Sarah:really omn k good luck

niall: thnxs

sarah: bye

niall: bye love


cami: i cant wait lets go


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