Kiss me slowly

When Holly McNair moves to Wolverhampton because of a job transfer she thinks life will pretty much be the same. But when she meets (unfamous) Liam Payne he will fall absolutely head over heels in love with her. Since her relationship with ex boyfriend was so bad she finds it hard to love again.* Hey guys this is my first movella so please no hate THANKS!!!!*


8. U need to tell her

Liam's POV: I loved Holly so much, but as soon as 12th grade is over, I'm heading someplace. The boys say I shouldn't fall in love with anyone, but being who I am there's always a problem with that. I crashed at Harry's place that night and woke up staring at 4 disappointed faces. I sighed and rubbed my eyes. "When are you going to tell her mate?" Niall asked. I rolled my eyes and covered my face. "Stop bugging me about it I'll tell her when I'm ready," I mumbled at them. "Liam, Liam, Liam. When are you going to learn that you won't be able to see her everyday. You'll be gone," Louis nagged. I raised up feeling her pain when I tell her. She'll be raging with anger. My bare chest was getting cold from the air vent so I slipped my shirt back on.
Niall's POV:
Maybe I should tell her. No. She'd hate me forever. I need a girlfriend, but I've had my eye on Holly for a while. No. Then Liam would hate me more than she would. I'm so confused. I'll just promise to myself I'll take care of her while he's gone.
Holly's POV: Last night I got smacked with shock. Why would he kiss me like that? He was hiding something from me but what? I still feel the pain of my ex. He said he was going to join the military. Well, he was gone for eight months as I sat in my room crying over him. Ok, so one day I decide to go in the ice cream shop. I saw the cutest couple sitting in the far booth where me and my ex used to sit. I took just a little look closer and saw it was my boyfriend. He lied to me! He said he was in the military! He left me for eight months for another girl! I was crushed. But when I met Liam I knew just taking one glance he would never do such a thing. I knew everything would be okay, forever. Around 12:00 (pm) I skipped on over to Harry's, and saw all five cars already parked on he curb by his lawn. I knocked in the door and Louis's face dropped when he saw me. "What's wrong?" I asked walking in. He shook his head and said nothing. I saw Liam on the couch and placed my hands over his eyes,"Guess who." I said in a deep voice."Umm," he thought out loud,"Is it Niall?!" "Haha nice try!" I said breaking character. "Holly!!!" he turned around and hugged me over the side of he couch. My head fell in his lap and I looked up into his soft brown eyes. I turned away with happiness tugging at the corners of my mouth. Liam laughed a put his arm across my back."Does anyone wanna do something?" I asked bored to death. "Sure," Louis piped up. Everyone came to sit down in he living room with us and felt clueless on what to do. A cheeky smile spread across Harry's face and his dimples showed,"Anyone want to go swimming???" A good amount of yeses filled the room and the boys headed upstairs to get into their trunks. "Wait I don't have swimsuit!" I yelled. Liam turned around and grabbed my hand to follow the rest of the boys. "Harry, do you have any of Gemma's old clothes here?" "No, I'm sorry I don't." I frowned and the gang ran outside and jumped on the lake. Liam was in his trunks and he came down the stairs. His body was so toned and muscular. He had a six-pack and muscles ripped down his arms. He saw me staring and laughed.
"Hello, I still don't have a swimsuit here!" I complained. He picked me up and I couldn't get free. "LIAM PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN!!" I kicked and he held my feet together. Next thing I knew, I met the water feeling the bubbles rise. I gasped for air and the guys laughed at me. "Liam!" I shrieked and slapped his arm playfully. He flashed his stunning whit teeth and I couldn't help do the same. He pulled me into a hug and swayed us side to side. "Are we just going to sit here and be love-birds or are we going to have some FUN?!!!!" Zayne shouted. The boys screamed in agreement and we all swam to the middle of the lake.
Liam's POV: I couldn't go 5 seconds without one of the guys giving me a look like when-are-you-going-to-tell-her. That was the worst part knowing I had to tell her. Niall waded over to me and said quietly so Holly couldn't hear," You need to tell her." he waited a minute before adding,"Or I will." I looked at him in disbelief. Niall of all people would even threat me like that? Why? I shook it off and we started playing a game. "Okay everyone, truth or dare GO! Louis shouted."Harry, truth or dare," Zayn asked. "Duh, Dare!" "Ok I dare you to lick Liam's foot!" Harry made a disgusted face and pushed Liam under so he could do the dare. Harry spit and asked,"Holly, truth or dare?" "Truth," she said. "Alright is it true that you have feelings for Liam?" she looked over at him and answered shyly,"Yeah." Louis whistled and winked at her. Niall took the next one," Liam, truth or dare?" "Dare!" I shouted hoping for a kiss. "I dare you not to kiss,hug, or show any affection at all to Holly for a whole day." I sat dumbfounded getting exactly opposite what I hoped for. I nodded and continued to watch as everyone finished truth or dare. When the sun started getting lower, we all got out of the lake.
Holly's POV:
I walked up beside Liam and we fell behind. "Hey," she said in her soft voice. I smiled at her and repeated,"Hey." We got inside the house and everyone looked so fit without shirts. Especially Liam. Harry changed into some clothes and started making dinner. I stood up soaking wet as as the boys all got into a new set of clothes. Liam handed me a t-shirt and some sweatpants. "Thank you," I said relieved.
When I walked back down stairs, everyone but Harry was on the sofa watching tv. I sat down beside Zayn and we talked,"So what's California like?" "It's great, everyone there knows eachother." I assured him. "Cool. What was your favorite thing about it?"he asked making conversation. "Friends," I stated. He laughed,"My girlfriend moved there last month." Liam kept looking at me with longing in his eyes."Liam really does like you. A lot," Zayn laughed. I smiled and Harry announced dinner was ready. The boys and I ran to get a seat at the table. Food was everywhere and we gobbled it up like pigs. After everyone was done I lyed down on the couch. Everyone trailed upstairs but Liam stayed behind making sure the boys didn't see him. He snuck up behind me and layed down next to me on the couch. "They're all upstairs now,"he whispered tickling my neck. "Yeah,so," I laughed. "It means they can't see us do this," he pressed his lips against mine and I magnetized against him immediately. The hall light flashed on and four boys stood there. Louis yelled at the top of his lungs,"BUSTED!!!! I knew you couldn't do it Liam!" he started laughing so hard. "Now we need to think up a punishment!" Niall suggested and everyone agreed. They were sitting on the floor by us now and throwing out random punishments. Finally Harry came up with the worst one yet,"He has to tell her." Worry went on to Liam's face and the boys looked over to Harry not believing he would do that." "Tell me what?" I asked confused. "Holly can I talk to you outside?" Liam asked not meeting her eyes.
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