Kiss me slowly

When Holly McNair moves to Wolverhampton because of a job transfer she thinks life will pretty much be the same. But when she meets (unfamous) Liam Payne he will fall absolutely head over heels in love with her. Since her relationship with ex boyfriend was so bad she finds it hard to love again.* Hey guys this is my first movella so please no hate THANKS!!!!*


25. Travis

Liam's POV: My body hurt. My ribs were recovering, but I wasn't supposed to sit up or anything. The nurses were really nice, they made sure that I had everthing I needed. I made friends with the guy beside me the other day. He was also a survivor from the bomb. His name is Travis and he's 18 just like me. Travis's girlfriend is waiting for him back in Doncaster. He loves to talk about her and I talk about Holly too. It is very hard to sleep on my back, when I have broken ribs. "Liam?" I heard a young guys voice say. "Yeah?" I asked turning to Travis. He was standing up,"Hey, I alright man. But Liam you don't look so great. You're all bruised up man, and your hair is growing back." "Really?!" I asked excitedly feeling my head. Sure enough I felt the curls growing back. "Travis can you ask the nurses what day it is, and how much longer we have to be here?" I asked with my weak and dry voice. He nodded and asked a nurse. Travis came back and leaned up against the bed,"It's July 1st and you get out of the infirmary in 2weeks." "Uggh! Ok so that's 7 more months to go," I covered my eyes and hid the light. He walked of and I wondered if I'd ever see him again. Ok, so Travis has tan skin and dark brown hair. He has brown-green eyes and freckles. So yeah that's Travis for ya :) Anyways, I cant feel nothing below my neck. Whenever I try to raise my head up, I fall back down. I reached for my phone and went through my camera roll. I scrolled through millions of pictures of me and Holly. She looked happy and free. Now from what Harry's told me, she sounds lonely and depressed. I wish there was something I could do to help her. "Hey Liam,"Travis yelled coming down the hall. I looked up to see his face,"What?" "Liam my girlfriend, Jess is here!" he screamed with joy. "That's great man, where is she?" "She's coming, oh my gosh I'm so excited!"he yelled hugging me.
Holly's POV: I am so tired of this! When is Liam coming back? "Holly!!" my Mom yelled from the downstairs. I rushed down there to see what was wrong. She was watching the news and the man was talking about a bomb. It showed a video of the bomb in Iraq and I saw Liam walking toward another guy when it erupted from behind him. "Oh my G—" my mom whispered. I wanted to call him, I didn't realize it was this bad. I grabbed my phone and dialed his number. "Please pick up," I said nervously pacing my room. He answered,"Hello?" "Liam?! I'm so sorry I didn't realize it was this bad!" I said through the phone. "Yeah baby I'm fine don't worry,"he said in his husky voice. "Well what's been happening at the military?" she asked. He seemed to get happier,"Holly I made a new friend named Travis and he was also caught by the bomb. So his girlfriend is coming to visit him and I was wondering if you could maybe come visit me?" "Oh my gosh YES!!!" He laughed and we talked for a bit, then eventually hung up.
Travis's POV: Liam is a really nice guy, and I hope we can get to know eachother better. I am so excited that my girlfriend Jess is coming!! She has brownish-red hair and green eyes. She is so beautiful, and I just can't wait!! Liam on the other hand, he looks terrible and I dont think that he'll be able to fight for at least 3 more weeks. But you never know, I could be wrong. There were 15 people in the infirmiry. There is 12 men and 3 women. Me and Liam were in the far right of the room, while the majority of the others were on the left. A few hours passed, and the two doors creaked open. Jess stood in the door way and ran towards me. She hugged me with all her might and kissed me several times. "Travis I missed you so much!!" she said. I hugged her back,"Me too Jess. I love you."
Liam's POV: Holly would be here in less than a day. I'm so excited I can barley keep it in!! I saw Travis and Jess and they came over to my bed. "Hey Liam this is my girlfriend," he said. She waved,"Hi my names Jessica, but my friends call me Jess." They sat and talked to me for a while and we all became good friends. Jess spent the night here, and as I was going to bed, all that was on my mind was that I was going to see my girlfriend Holly. In the morning, the nurses brought everyone breakfast. When all of us were done, the nurses took the trays back. Travis and Jess were catching up, and I was all alone. I went back to sleep, and woke up to a girl examining my cuts and bruises. I only opened one eye, to see that the girl was upset. She looked at my face, and I quickly shut my eye. She traced her finger along my face, and I winced in pain. Suddenly she looked worried, and I opened both of my eyes. "Liam!" she shouted and hugged me lightly. "Hey babe, you're really here," I said trying to be enthusiastic. I wanted so bad to kiss her, because I hadn't in a long time. She still seemed worried, maybe because I was hurting and damaged. Holly lifted up my shirt to see the broken ribs. "Oh my gosh, why didn't you tell me this?" she asked.
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