Kiss me slowly

When Holly McNair moves to Wolverhampton because of a job transfer she thinks life will pretty much be the same. But when she meets (unfamous) Liam Payne he will fall absolutely head over heels in love with her. Since her relationship with ex boyfriend was so bad she finds it hard to love again.* Hey guys this is my first movella so please no hate THANKS!!!!*


34. They don't know

Liam's POV: Holly's mouth dropped and she was completely frozen on what to say. I wanted to help her out, but I didn't know what to say either. "Um...I'm very sorry," I saved,"Just come in and make yourselves at home." Holly shot me a look, and grabbed my hand. She pulled me upstairs and shut the door. "What? Are you crazy?! That's my parents!" she quietly fussed at me. I rolled my eyes and kissed her to make her shut up. She blushed. "Now get dressed," I whispered and she nodded. A few minutes later, we walked down the stairs fully dressed, and sat on the couch. I don't think Holly's parents liked me very much after they put two and two together. After all, they were right, we were half dressed anyway. Holly's dad eyed me,"It's nice to see you Liam." I faked a smile and Holly rushed up to hug her family,"Josh, Dad, Mom! I missed you do much!" They hugged back and Holly sat back down. "So...what are you guys doing here?" my beautiful girl asked. Josh answered,"We wanted to see how things were going for you." "Oh." Her mum examined the house, it was a complete wreck. There were nerf guns in the couch cushions, and orange nerf bullets scattered on the floor. Bubble containers were spilled in the kitchen, and our hairbrush microphones were lying on the stairs.
Holly's POV: I was so embarrassed. My house was messy, and my parents know I slept with Liam. Ugh, I wanted them to leave! "Well, life has been great," I answered sarcastically,"Liam just came back yesterday." I looked over at him. "Well why didn't he come here with you," my dad asked carelessly. He didn't know how much it hurt to talk about it,"Um..I left." I knew I sounded weak and Liam could tell too. But my mom pushed her way into the subject,"Why did you leave?" I didn't feel like replying, but I also didn't want to be rude. "It was just too much stress, being part of a military family," I said choking back tears. "But you're not married,"Josh said. I shook my head,"I just felt like it. Um, I guess I couldn't handle him being gone and sweeped away from my life." I sat there, feeling all of their eyes on me. Eventually, I stood up and ran upstairs; part of me hoped that Liam would follow and my parents would leave. I lyed on the bed and cried into the pillow, letting my tears escape. I felt a hand on my back, and the bed shifted. "Shh. Why are you crying?" Liam asked in a whisper. I didn't answer, so he kept talking,"I didn't know you felt that way. That we were somehow family. Um..I know you saw, but all that's left from the bomb are scars. Your parents left, and they said to tell you that they love you. I never knew how much stress I could give you from leaving. I love you." I raised up and faced him, he picked her up and took me down stairs. I occupied myself by playing with the buttons on Liam's shirt, 'accidentally' undoing them. He laughed,"Your voice is going to go hoarse."
Liam's POV: She looked at me,"I don't care." "Well then, shall we?" I held me hand out. Instead of taking it, she took hold of my shirt; pulling at the hem and throwing it over my head. I smiled and kissed her, trailing down her jawline and neck. "I love you, Holly," I carried her upstairs and had the second best night of my life.
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