Kiss me slowly

When Holly McNair moves to Wolverhampton because of a job transfer she thinks life will pretty much be the same. But when she meets (unfamous) Liam Payne he will fall absolutely head over heels in love with her. Since her relationship with ex boyfriend was so bad she finds it hard to love again.* Hey guys this is my first movella so please no hate THANKS!!!!*


7. Ruined

Holly's POV: I woke up from the bloody rays of sunlight coming through the blinds. I sat up and immediantly thought of last night and the smile I was wearing just wouldn't budge. I walked downstairs to see what I was missing. Dad and Josh were watching some guys movie on tv and mom was making breakfast. Still smiling I pulled out a bar stool and sat down laughing at myself. I buried my head in the table and my mom looked at me with a strange face. "Is everything alright?" I didn't answer. "Ohhh, something happened with Liam last night, didn't it?" she guessed. I remained silent and she sat down in front of me. "Uhm humm I guessed it didn't I? Now spill it," I rose my head up and blurted out,"He kissed me." I could feel dad and Josh looking at me so I put my face back on the table. "He did what now?" my dad asked with anger in his voice. "He kissed me," I repeated and turned to face him. Josh started laughing and said,"Why?" "Well it was a dare to kiss someone for a minute, but we kissed for 3," my face was blood red now. Everyone's mouths dropped and I hurried upstairs.
Liam's POV: My dad was standing by my bedroom door whispering something to my mom,"But why would he do that if he's only known her for a few days?" he asked. I heard my mom saying something I couldn't quite make out. Then my dad started talking again,"Whats her name again? Wheres this girl live?" I laughed and my dad shot around. "Uhhh sorry if we woke you up. How'd it go?" he asked trying to change the subject. "I kissed her," I said which made me smile just thinking about it. "And then I did it again before she went home," I continued. "Did you like it?" he weirdly asked. "Daaad," I rolled back over a put the pillow over my head. As he was walking back down the stairs he called,"Holly's here!!!!" I shot out of bed like there was no tomorrow and put some jeans and a t-shirt on. I flew downstairs and flipped my hair so I could see her. "Hey," I said casually. She smiled back,"Hey." It was really awkward since my parents kept looking at us like we'd start making out any second. Then came the worst part, they started asking her about last night! "So how long did you guys kiss," my mom said embarrassing me to where I almost hid. She looked back at me like you-told-them? "Umm....can you give us a second?" I helped her out. We went into the backyard and I shut the door. "It's okay I told my mom and dad too," she admitted. I looked into her ocean blue eyes and completely lost it inside. I loved this girl no matter what anyone says or thinks this girl has me falling so far down I almost can't breathe. I moved in closer to her and backed her up against the brick wall. I put my hands on the wall and I could feel my heart beating so loud it would scare a elephant. She looked at me so innocently it was killing me not to just kiss her already. I was so close to her lips and breathing her same air my fingers trembled. I pushed her beautiful brown hair back behind he ear and she tried to close the space between us. But the door opened and there stood my mom speechless as a mime. She pointed back inside and closed the door behind her. So they were spying on us? Well I'll give them something to spy on! I crashed my lips against Holly's and wrapped my hands around her waist. She pulled away then came back. I never wanted this to end she was so perfect. Her kiss was amazing as we moved together. I didn't care if my parents were watching anymore. I pressed harder and felt my tounge try to slip its way into her mouth when she stopped. I stepped back and saw four figures in the window.
Harry's POV: We sat there shocked at Liam. The sensitive-softy-good-boy was kissing Holly again. Not even on a dare! We were all wrong about him being good. Right now he wasnt caring who saw him, he was busy sucking the teeth out of her mouth. I was kinda jealous of him, I don't have a girlfriend.
Zayn's POV: Wait a minute. Did we miss something or did Liam change somewhere along the road. Its not like she was going anywhere, why is he kissing her like that. For some reason they stopped and we were sitting ther like four idiots who like watching people kiss or something. I jumped up and went out there."Liam, man you look tired," I joked. He must have taken it a little too seriously cause he gave me a dirty look. The other boys soon filed out and stared at them in shock. "Man you alright?" Niall asked. Liam didn't respond he wasn't saying anything to any of us. "Holly?" Harry asked,"Did you like truth or dare a little too much?"
Holly's POV: Me and Liam were not responding to any of the boys comments mostly because we were shocked ourselves. It just felt so right with him. Everything was right when I was with him, I don't know why it just is. Then Liam's mom and dad came out and the moment didn't feel so magical anymore. They could've left us out there to enjoy the silence, but no. They just had to ruin it.
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