Kiss me slowly

When Holly McNair moves to Wolverhampton because of a job transfer she thinks life will pretty much be the same. But when she meets (unfamous) Liam Payne he will fall absolutely head over heels in love with her. Since her relationship with ex boyfriend was so bad she finds it hard to love again.* Hey guys this is my first movella so please no hate THANKS!!!!*


30. Promise

Holly's POV: Bananna? Liam pushed us off into the water. I clung onto him and we plunged into the water and went straight under. I swam up, gasping for air. Liam didn't come up. I got scared and started searching for him. Sudden, someone pulled me under and held me by my hips. Liam. I opened my eyes to see him under the water, leaning in for a kiss. Which he did. An underwater kiss like I've always wanted once we surfaced, I said,"Don't ever scare me like that again!" He hugged me,"I'm sorry baby. I won't." I forgave him and floated on my back. He laughed and pulled me by my hands closer to the waterfall. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Ok, get off your back and I'll show you," he muttered. I laughed and did as so. He pulled us past the wall of roaring water, and I stuck close to his body. "A cave?" I asked confused,"How'd you know this was here?" He pulled me closer,"Emily told me, and I wanted to bring you here." I smiled and pecked his lips.
Liam's POV: When we got all pruned from the water, we walked back to the limb to get dressed. Holly pulled on the shirt, and I slipped on my jeans. I swept her up bridal style and walked back down the grassy path towards the infirmary, where no one was there excep the nurses. I swung the door open and went into Holly's room. We packed up her stuff in silence. Until she broke it,"I love you Liam." "I love you too Holly. With all of my heart," I said and we sat on the bed. "I wish that you could come with me," she whined. I sighed,"You're telling me." I kissed her cheek, but she turned her head so I met her lips. What a cheeky girl. I kissed harder and my fingers trailed to her face. She put her hands in my hair and messed it around. I loved that. I never left her lips and I felt her smile. She wrapped her legs around my waist and she touched the back of my neck with her small, petite fingers. She pulled away,"You know that I'm going to miss that?" "You're not the only one," I agreed. "Well, I have to go or I'm gonna miss the plane." I helped her with her bags and placed them in the Ranger outside. I reminded her to put on some shorts and she went to go do that. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and watched as the small vehicle drove away with my live in it. She turned around to wave at me,"I love you, Liam! Bye!!" "Bye baby I love you too," I hollered. Little did I know, that would be the last time I saw her beautiful face.
Harry's POV: Her plane landed back in Wolverhampton, where me and the boys awaited. Finally, I saw her face amongst the crowd, and ran to her. The boys followed and grabbed her bags. We stuffed them in Lou's truck and headed to my house. "Holly we missed you so much!!! We love you and glad that you're back!!!" the boys shouted. I chuckled. "I know I missed you do much, I love you all!! And Liam says hey," she responded. Once I pulled up in the drive way the boys attacked her in a group hug. And with a wave of questions. "Did you and Liam make up?" "What did you talk about?" "Did Liam ask about us?" "Is he okay?" It was hard for her to answer them all, so she answered with a simple,"Yes." We carried her stuff inside and she threw it into her room. Niall and myself sat beside her, Zayn sat below her, and Louis sat on the armchair. Niall was unexplainably happy and filled with joy.
Holly's POV: I seemed like only 5 minutes ago I was lying in the cold water with Liam at my side. I don't know how much longer I could handle the stress of this military thing. But, I feel better and I'll be fine for at least the next 2 weeks. I answered all the questions the boys had to ask. I notice that I still had on Liam's shirt, oops. I smelled like him a lot, I couldn't help but smile. Zayn was talking to me. "So Holly, I'm sorry that you and Liam got into a fight," he said making conversation. "It's okay, we made up," I replied. He sighed,"You know, you guys are too young to be fighting about THAT anyway." "Yeah I know." He smiled,"Liam doesn't like Niall too much, for kissing you." I blushed,"I was pretty shocked myself, I never knew he liked me that way." "He's been staying a stranger to us, he's wasn't speaking to any of us until you showed up today,"Zayn confirmed. "Yeah?" "Yeah, and what's up with the 'Liam's property' thing?" he asked bouncing his eyebrows. I laughed,"You'll have to ask him that one for yourself." I was silent for a while,"I can't take it Zayn. Don't tell the others, but I've been thinking about going back down to California." he almost shouted,"What?!" "I know, it's terrible but you can't tell Liam I don't want him to know either. Even if I do go, don't tell Liam. You have to promise." "I promise," he said seriously.
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