Kiss me slowly

When Holly McNair moves to Wolverhampton because of a job transfer she thinks life will pretty much be the same. But when she meets (unfamous) Liam Payne he will fall absolutely head over heels in love with her. Since her relationship with ex boyfriend was so bad she finds it hard to love again.* Hey guys this is my first movella so please no hate THANKS!!!!*


15. Princess

Liam's POV: I rushed over to Holly's house that morning to drive her to school. Her parents were in the kitchen making breakfast when I walked in. "Hi," I said. "Hi," they both returned. I went upstairs to Holly's room and she was sleeping, gahh so beautiful. I bent down next to her bed and shook her arm lightly. "Hey, baby wake up," I whispered. She rolled over to face me still half asleep,"Hmm." I laughed. She pulled me onto the bed and started to play with my curls. She brought out the fool in me,"We have to go to school." I said looking up at the ceiling. She made a face,"I don't want to." " We have to. C'mon," I carried her out of bed and she got dressed; I waited outside her door. Once she was ready, we went downstairs and she are her breakfast. I hopped in my truck, as did Holly. When we arrived at school, Louis and the gang were waiting for us in the parking lot. "Vas happenin?" Zayn smiled showing off his white teeth. Everyone laughed and walking inside. I held Holly's hand and we eventually got to her locker. "I have a surprise!" I told her looking into her most beautiful blue eyes. They reminded me of the water in Flordia. She bit her lip,"Do you now?" I nodded,"Uh huh." I took her hand and we raced down the halls to class. I barley payed attention to whatever we were learning in Math. I was passing notes with Louis. He wrote: What are u getting Holly?
Me: How'd u know about that?
Louis: U r not the only one who listens to everybody's conversations!
Me: Alright fine, I'll tell u wen Hollyz not around.
Louis: ok :(
Louis's POV: In the hallway, before lunch, I caught up with loverboy. "C'mon tell me mate," I pleaded. He lowered his voice,"Ok, you can't tell anyone. Not even the boys." I nodded," Yeah yeah just spill it." "Ok I'm.........
*at lunch*
Holly's POV: 'What could he be doing? What was the surprise? I couldn't wait, this boy has a sweet mind in his head.' "Liam!" I shrieked. He turned around and smiled at me. When we sat down at our table, Louis looked over at us like he knew something. Hmmm? I wonder what he's up to.
Zayn's POV: Louis promised not to tell us what Liam was doing. But that doesn't mean he kept it, and let me tell you; Liam is the most romantic out of all of us. What he's doing is like he went out of his way to do this for her. Holly deserves a guy like Liam, he's not over the top, but just what every girl needs. Every girl needes a Liam Payne of their own. When Louis told us the news, I was the only one who seemed to notice Niall's face drop. He really loves Holly like a lot.
Niall's POV: Why does Liam not realize this is my girl? I know he met her first and all, but I feel something for her, like we're ment to be. It makes me absolutely sick to see them together. But I hide it pretty well. Liam would kill me if he knew I was crushing on his woman. He's still one of my best mates, but no one said anything when it comes to girls.
Liam's POV: At lunch Holly wouldn't stop bugging me about the surprise; but I didn't mind. "C'mon just tell me," she whined. "No. You can't get me to crack!" I said. She made a pouty face and continued eating her lunch. When the last bell rang and school was over, Harry ran up to me. "Anything you wanna say?" he asked playing it cool. I rolled my eyes,"Louis told you didn't he?" Harry sighed,"Yeah. You can't trust that carrot." I laughed,"Okay, so here's the plan." I told him everything Louis had left out and we spotted Holly. "There she is man, go do your thing," he encouraged me and gave me a push on the back. I reached Holly and opened the car door for her. She smiled and I got in after her. "Please tell m—" I cut her off,"Shhh." She turned her attention out the window and watched everything we passed. Finally we arrived where I intended and it was around time the sun was setting. I got out of the truck and so did Holly; she was eager to know what the surprise was. "Where are we?" she asked wrapping her arms around my neck. "Well you tell me," I replied moving a stray piece of hair from her face. "Umm," she looked around and stared at a big stone building next to the water. "What is this place?" she asked pointing at the building. I walked closer to her and held both of her hands,"This is a castle. It was meant for a queen a long time ago, but her prince died on his way to meet the queen. No one knows how, or why, but this castle is far from being haunted. Its actually like nobody ever left, there's some people here today." She followed me inside and there were several paintings of a girl with blonde hair. She gasped,"CINDERELLA!!" I laughed,"Yep." I led her up the West wing and a group of people were at the top waiting on us. "Holly, you follow them," and I pointed to a few women with make-up supplies and dresses. Then I followed the other group of women with my tux.
Holly's POV: Then it hit me. We were going to a ball! And I was going to be his princess.
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