Kiss me slowly

When Holly McNair moves to Wolverhampton because of a job transfer she thinks life will pretty much be the same. But when she meets (unfamous) Liam Payne he will fall absolutely head over heels in love with her. Since her relationship with ex boyfriend was so bad she finds it hard to love again.* Hey guys this is my first movella so please no hate THANKS!!!!*


23. Niall's secret revealed

Niall's POV: We were all still red eyed and sobbing. Holly needed someone to tell her they loved her, someone to hold her, and someone to kiss her. So right now I decided to be that person. When the boys weren't looking, I kissed Holly full on the lips, but quickly pulled away.
Harry's POV: Umm OK. I'm pretty sure of what I just saw. Niall freakin kissed Liam's GIRLFRIEND! Yeah, our innocent Nialler is kinda taking Liam's girl. I don't know if the others saw, but buddy here in for a yelling at. How could he just do that? I mean I know he has had a crush on her, but that doesn't mean he has to go BLODDY KISS HER! Ok so maybe I was freaking out a whole lot, but I wasn't going to confront him until we were alone. I looked over at Holly and her face had an 'Did-that-really-just-happen-I-have-a-boyfriend look.' I gave that line smile telling her yup. Holly's cheeks were stained with tears. Then, I noticed a familiar scent lingering in the air. It smelled like Liam's cologne. I looked back towards Holly, who had a huge oversized shirt on, and she sat up and leaned against the wall. She was wearing Liam's favourite jean blue shirt. It looked pretty cute on her, and curly-q would think so too. I was still VERY shocked about what Niall did, but Holly seemed calm.
Holly's POV: Umm OK. Did Niall really just kiss me? Has he been living under a rock? I have a boyfriend for crying out loud! Why on earth would he just go and make a move when Liam goes off to the military. When Niall kissed me, it felt nice........and I kissed back. Ugh Liam will hate me forever! Harry looked at me and I think he saw, I don't know if the others did or not. I felt like I could tell anything to Harry we were really getting close. But like brother and sister close. Then I guess I got a little tired and fell asleep.
"Liam I love you please don't leave," I pleaded. He pecked my cheek,"Babe you know I can't stay." "Well can we at least not waste the time we have together? We could go somewhere." "Alright Holly, where do you want to go?" Liam answered. "Let's go to....your house!" I said excitedly. He smiled and put me on his back. "A piggy back ride? I feel like I'm 6 years old," I laughed. "Yeah it's fun, and YOOH look absolutely adorABLE!" he gushed. When we arrived at his house, he gave me ANOther piggy back ride on our way in. His mum was in the kitchen with his dad, making dinner. "Mmmm what for dinner mum?" Liam asked. "Chinese," she answered. "Can Holly stay for dinner?" "Yes, that would be wonderful," his mum said. "Ok, well we're gonna go to my room," Liam said carrying me down the hall. He sat me down on the bed and layed down next to me. "Holly?"he asked. I looked into his eyes,"Yeah?" "I'm not the only one who saw the boys in the living room, right?" he asked. "Nah I saw em," I said playing with a strand of his hair. He hugged me tight and the boys walked in. "Ello what do we have here," Zayn asked wiggling his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes and we sat up. "What do you guys want?" Liam asked. Harry narrowed his eyebrows,"Well hello to you too." I was looking around and noticed Niall staring at me. Hos eyes seemed longing. He snapped out of it and everyone made their way out of the room. I was the last one out and Niall was in front of me. When the boys were in the kitchen, Niall grabbed my wrist,"Holly wait." I struggled away confused and hurried to where Liam was sitting. When dinner was over, the boys relaxed in the living room, watching tv. Liam took me out side on the balcony and held both of my hands in his. "Describe me in one word," I said. He smiled already knowing his answer,"Mine." He stepped forward and leaned in the kiss me, but that's when someone shook me awake.
Louis's POV: "Holly get up," I said shaking her arm. She blinked and shot up,"Liam?!?!" "No it's just us." She was probably dreaming. "I had a dream about Liam," Holly blurted out. "Really what was it about?" Harry asked with curiosity getting the better of him. I looked over at Niall,"Do you guys remember the day we were all at Liam's house and we had Chinese food?" Niall looked down and they nodded. "Well that was my dream...." I trailed off. That day was one of the weirdest.
Niall's POV: Did she seriously just bring that up? The boys, except liam, know I love her and care about her. Gahh why does she have to fall for Liam, who I don't know LEFT HER?! When I'm right here loving her, and she is too clueless to see that. I was way too nervous to say this in front of her. When I finally chose to, I got a knot in my throat and couldn't speak. "Holly...I-I have t-to tel you something,"I said. She turned her attention towards to me. "Holly, I-I love you," my face felt hot and it turned red. "What?" she asked weakly. Zayn, Louis. And Harry's mouths dropped to the floor. Holly ran out of the room and Harry followed. She went all the way outside and he caught her,"HOLLY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" "LET GO OF ME; I DON'T KNOW!" she had tears filling her eyes and dropping to the ground.
Harry's POV: Um Ok. So Niall chooses to go all out and Hollu runs. I'm so confused. Her voice got a bit softer,"I can't take it anymore, Harry. I don't know what to do. Liam is ripped away from me and Niall says he loves me. I'm so lost. I need Liam with me; I need him to hold me and never let me go! What's wrong with me? Am I supposed to feel neglected? Harry tell me?!?" I didn't know what to say. She was ripping on the inside. Her heart was getting tired and lonely. " I absolutely don't know what to say. I'm just as lost as you are. But let me tell you this; Liam cries everyday. He thinks about you nonstop, and he can't wait to come back," I said,"He tells me because he doesn't want to make you cry."
Liam's POV: I woke up to a bright white light. I stood up on something soft, also white. Al I could see was a chair with a man sitting in it. I walked over to him,"Where am I?" "Why Liam, you're are in heaven," his deep voice echoed. "Why?"I asked. He sighed,"Liam you died from that bomb." "No! I have a beautiful girl waiting on me at home,Holly. I can't lose her. I'm too young; I have my whole life ahead of me," I shouted at the man. "Come," he said. I followed him to a big white table with a glass ball on it. He waved his hand over it,"Tell me what you see." "I see Holly; she's crying. She's covered in her tears and she's wearing my shirt," I said looking through it,"Oh my God she needs me!" "Don't ever say that here Liam, I am God," he roared. "Yes sir sorry." all of the sudden he waved at me goodbye and I opened my eyes up to the infirmary. I coughed and a nurse walked towards me,"Liam's alive!" I squinted my eyes and tried to sit up. I fell back down and more nurses crowded around me,"How on earth is he alive? The bomb was right behind him!" "Liam don't try getting up, you have many broken bones and you're pretty damaged," the blonde one exclaimed. I nodded and smiled thankfully. I had really just got my life back, and it was all because if God.
Liam's mums POV: I was worried sick. I can't even begin to imagine what poor Holly is feeling. Then I got a call,"Hello." "Hey mum," the other line replied. "Liam honey are you alright?!"I tapped my fingers against the phone. "Yea mum I'm fine. Where's Holly?" he asked. "She's at her house hun," I said. "Okay mum I'm going to call her," he sounded bad hurt. "Oh alright I love you," I said. "Love you too," he hung up. Yes! My baby is alive.
Holly's POV: I was busy drying my eyes when my phone rang. I didn't check who it was,"Hello?" "Hey babe," the voice said. "Liam?! Are you okay? I missed you so much!" I screamed. "Yea I'm perfect. Can I tell you something? And please please please believe me," he said rembering what he had experienced earlier. "Yes anything I will believe you," I said excitedly. "Ok. Thee was a bomb and I was caught in it. When I was taken to the infirmary, I flat-lined. When I was...dead...I sorta woke up in a pure white place. There was a man there and he told me I died. Then he said was in heaven. So I-I saw you through this magic ball, and you were crying. The next thing I knew, I opened my eyes and I was alive again," he swallowed nervously. I sighed,"I believe you. And I am so glad you're alive!" "Me too, I can't wait to come home." "I know I miss you so much!" I replied. "But Holly, you have to promise me that you won't cry anymore," he said. "Ok I promise, do you want to talk to the boys?" I asked. He said yes and I handed the phone to Harry.
Harry's POV: Holly handed me the phone,"Hello?" "Hey Hazza, can you please tell me everything. Because I think Holly is leaving some stuff out?" Liam asked coughing. "Yea sure. I'll have to go outside. One sec." I went outside and shut the door do no one could hear me,"Alright. Holly is losing it. We caught her bawling her eyes out today, and she's never happy. We can try to cheer her up, but she's still not the same. She needs you like she needs air Liam. She is hiding the tears, and fakes a smile just for our sake. But I know she can break any second, like glass. She is nothing without you, Liam Payne! She thinks you'll leave her for someone else, and completely forget about her. And I don't want to say anything, but Niall...he....h-he has had this crush on her. And today he totally crossed the line when h-he k-kk," I couldn't say it. "What Harry?! Tell me what he did?!" Liam sounded furious. I gulped,"Niall kissed Holly."
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