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When Holly McNair moves to Wolverhampton because of a job transfer she thinks life will pretty much be the same. But when she meets (unfamous) Liam Payne he will fall absolutely head over heels in love with her. Since her relationship with ex boyfriend was so bad she finds it hard to love again.* Hey guys this is my first movella so please no hate THANKS!!!!*


17. Little Bird

Liam's POV: Holly and I were on the couch and Josh had fallen asleep. There was a knock on the door and I got up to answer it. I didn't think anything about I was just in my underwear. But u answered the door,"Hello?" Good thing it was just the lads,"Umm Liam, you know that you have like no clothes on right?" Zayn asked. "Oh. Yeah," I answered embarrassed. Zayn nodded,"Ok just checking." I invited them in and they sat down. Holly probably felt pretty awkward as well since she was in her pj's. "Sooo?" Harry asked referring back to outle date. I looked over at Holly and we shared a smile,"Yeah good." "That's it? It was good?" Louis asked. "Well whatever you want to call it,"Holly added. Niall played with his thumbs,"How about some truth or dare? We haven't played that in a while." Everyone agreed to his suggestion and formed a circle on the floor. "Harry first," Zayn says and the game started. "Alright, Niall truth or dare?" Harry asked. "Umm truth," Niall confirmed. Harry smirked,"Ok, is it true that you have a secret love for Nandos?" Niall nodded,"Yup. All day everyday." Then it was his turn to ask someone. "Liam truth or dare?" Niall asked. Liam chose,"Dare." "Alright. I dare you to tell Holly that you don't love her," he said coldly. Why would Niall do this? It was a bit harsh. I looked at him,"Why?" "Just do it," he commanded. I gulped and turned to Holly who was on the verge of tears. "Holly I don't love you." I said unsure of myself. She got up and ran upstairs wiping at the tears rolling down her face. I glared at Niall,"How DARE you!" I ran after Holly, but she locked the door. "Baby please let me in, you know I didn't mean it." There was no answer all I heard was sobs. Then she mumbled out,"If you don't mean it, then why did you say it?" I pressed my forehead against the door,"Because it was a dare." "That doesn't mean you should've listened to it," she said weakly. "Please just let me in," I said softly and used my best sexy voice. Her door creaked open,"Come in," she said not looking me in the eye. I held her chin up but she yanked away from my grip. I walked in and shut the door behind me and locked it. "Baby I am so sorry for what I said. No matter what I will love you forever and ever. I will love you until the world is flat and the trees grow upside down. Don't you ever even consider me thinking you are any less than perfect. I love you so freakin much, you are what I look forward to everyday. You are my sunshine."
Holly's POV: How could Niall even think of such torture to a girl. I am not a man I do not forget things easily, buy this is one I wish I could. When Liam said sunshine, I knew he wasn't kidding. I hugged him and buried my face into his shoulder. I was trying my harder to keep him from seeing my tears. He brought me to look at him,"I would never ever say anything like that to hurt you. You know that right?" I nodded and he kissed my cheek. He layed me on the bed,"Just forget about it babe. I'll take care of Niall." My makeup was so smeared and messed up, but that was the least of my worries right now. Liam went downstairs and I heard yelling, and they weren't nice things. Then the door slammed shut and they were outside. Liam was punching Niall and the boys were trying to hold him back. I screamed,"NO!" I flew outside like a jet and got in inbetween them. As Liam went in for another punch, Louis and Zayn shouted,"Liam look what you're doing!" I covered my face and he fell down next to me. "Holly I am so sorry. I will never—" I cut him off,"Save it Liam. Just go home." "But Holly I—" he tried to say. "I said go home." He walked away and I went inside. Niall sat down outside and Louis and Zayn followed me. "Holly, Liam didn't mean any of it." Zayn said.
Zayn's POV: Ok so maybe Niall did go too far, and Liam overreacted. But Holly was torn. For one she was hurt from what he said, now he almost sucker punched her. "I don't care!" she said stubbornly. Louis rubbed her back,"Babe Liam was just overreacting a bit. It's no big deal." She started to cry. "Don't cry Holly,"i said. That made her cry even more,"I hate to see girls cry," I added. We tried our best to keep her from breaking. She was Liam's everything and he couldn't lose her over one mistake. Then the door opened and me and Louis stepped aside. It was the only person who could fix her and we left him to do so. He picked her up and held her," Shhh baby don't cry." Holly looked up,"Liam?" he smiled and started to sing Torn: "I thought I saw a girl brought to life, she was warm she came around, she was dignafied. She showed me what us was to cry. You couldn't be that girl I adored, you don't seem to know, or seem to care what your heart is for. But I don't know her anymore. There's nothing left, I used to cry, my conversation has run dry. That's what's goin on, nothing fine I'm torn!" Holly looked a little better, now that Liam was there.
Harry's POV: I sat outside with Niall, who had a few bruises on his cheek and legs. Poor Nialler. I mean he shouldn't have given that dare to Liam, but he didn't deserve this. "Het Niall are you going to be ok?" I asked. He nodded,"Yeah. I was asking for it anyway." We got up and went inside. Liam was holding Holly and I knew that it tore Niall apart to have to live with seeing that. "We should go home," I said to the boys. They agreed and Liam didn't know whether to stay or go.
Holly's POV: "You can leave if you want," I offered. "He looked me in the eyes,"If I leave, you are going to sit here and cry. I don't want you to do that, so I'm going to stay." Josh woke up 'wow' and went to his room. "I'm going to lie down," I said. "Not without me!" Liam shouted. I laughed and he lied down and then I did and he wrapped me up in his strong arms. "What would I do without you?" he asked pecking my cheek. "Let's just stay this way forever," I said really wanting it to be true. Me and Liam in eachothers arms until our last breaths. "Babe I'm going to give you a break today and I'm gonna sleep at my own house okay?" Liam asked. "No! I'm not letting you leave." "Why?" he wanted to know. I said quietly,"Because one day you won't come back." "Holly don't think about that! It'll only be like I'm gone for a week," he tried to assure me. I shook my head no,"No it won't be like that. It will be like 1000 years." He just avoided the subject and continued to hold me close. I appearantly fell asleep because, when I woke up it was like 4:00pm. Liam was somewhere because I didn't feel him beside me. I smelled something really good coming from the kitchen,"Good afternoon baby. Did you sleep good?" I nodded and yawned. Liam walked over to where I was sitting and brought with him pancakes. He took his seat next to me and we ate watching tv. "This was really good," I told him after we were finished. He smiled,"Thanks, love." As I was walking back to the couch, he took my waist and hugged me from behind. "You are so beautiful," he said for the millionth time. He threw me over his shoulders and took me upstairs,"Liam where are we going?" He didn't answer. Liam threw me on the bed and plopped himself next to me. "I'm still sorry about earlier,"he said with his curly hair covering his eyes. I pushed it ou of his eyes and kissed his nose,"I forgive you." He cracked that half smile and brought his lips closer to mine. Liam pressed harder and deepened the kiss asking for an entrance into my mouth which I gladly accepted. I ran my fingers all through his hair and he moaned. I smiled and he pulled away and sat at the end of the bed. "Liam what's wrong?"
Liam's POV: I pulled away and sat down at the end of her bed. She asked me what was wrong. "I didn't want to continue," I said not looking directly into her eyes. "Why?" Holly asked. "Because the more I fall in love with you, the harder it is to leave." I stated. She made her way into my lap and got comfortable,"But you dont have to go." I closed my eyes and sighed,"I have to." Holly played with my hair,"No Liam, you don't." A tear fell from my face,"Baby why are you going anyway?" "Because I feel like I need to." "Why do you feel like that?" she asked. I shook my head,"Tell you another day ok?" she nodded. She pushed me down so that I was lying with my back on the bed. Holly lyed down on top of me and rested her head on my chest. "Liam, I feel your heartbeat," she whispered. "Its for you baby," I replied with. That made her eyes grow bright,"Can we go to your house please?" I raised my eyebrow,"Why there's nothing exciting about my house." "How should I know I've never been there?" she got up to get dressed. "But I still have no clothes!" I complained. "C'mon theres still your tux. Wear that home," she said from the closet. "Whatever," I rolled my eyes and put on my tux. "You look very handsome," Holly complemented me and kissed my lips. "Now let's go!" she shouted. When we arrived at my house, my mum and dad were at work and we were there by ourselves. "Let's go, give me a tour." I unlocked the door and she wandered inside. I followed her,"This is the kitchen slash living room." I showed her the rest is the house and last was my room. "This is my room," I said pointing inside. She walked in and sat on the bed. "Can we stay here tonight?" she asked. "No I said I was going to give you a break." I said. She pulled a puppy dog face,"But I don't want a break." I gave in,"Fine we can." She cheered,"Yay!" I changed out of my tux and into some jeans and an old Hollister t shirt. Holly was in living room watching tv so I sat down and joined her. It was Freinds my favorite show like ever! When it was over, my mum walked through the front door and asked if we wanted anything to eat. We said no and I asked Holly,"Hey what's your favorite song?" She thought for a minute,"Little bird by Ed Sheeran." I smiled,"I actually happen to know him." "Really!?" she squealed; one of my turn-on's. "Yeah," I confirmed,"Do you want to meet him, one day?" "Yes yes yes!" she hugged me. I laughed,"Ok."
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