Kiss me slowly

When Holly McNair moves to Wolverhampton because of a job transfer she thinks life will pretty much be the same. But when she meets (unfamous) Liam Payne he will fall absolutely head over heels in love with her. Since her relationship with ex boyfriend was so bad she finds it hard to love again.* Hey guys this is my first movella so please no hate THANKS!!!!*


24. Ed Sheeran

Liam's POV: "WHAT?! HE DID WHAT!?" I yelled, but then coughed because my ribs were broken. "Yeah and he told her he loved her," Harry said. "Okay this is way too far. That Irish boy is going to wish he was dead!" I said. "Liam calm down I'll take care of it, and when you come back, you can take your turn,"Harry said quietly,"Oh and don't say anything to Niall that I told you and all." "How long have you been keeping this from me, just asking," I said ready to throw punches. "Urm he told us that night you took Holly home from the beach, when she like found you crying," Harry claimed. I was mad now,"THAT LONG?! Harry how could you?" I ended the phone call and I was tired so I went to sleep.
Harry's POV: I realized that I had backstabbed Niall. Why do I have such a big blabber mouth? I promised not to tell. But he still deserved it, he bloody tried to take Liam's girl. Liam would hate him anyway when he came back. I casually walked back into Holly's room like nothing ever happened, and gave her phone back. "I'm glad he's okay,"Holly beamed. I smiled and we all went downstairs to watch tv and eat lunch. When Holly was coming down the staircase, she stopped and stared at the bottom; like she saw something.
*Liam and Holly's prom*
I was descending the staircase and saw Liam waiting at the bottom. He had on a georgous black tux and a rose in his hand. I got to the end and Liam kissed me on the forehead,"This rose is for you my love,"he said; handing me the flower. "Thank you,"I answered. My mom took our pictures and Liam shook my dads hand. We got into his truck and sat there for a bit. "Holly, you are so beautiful,"he complimented. "You don't look too bad yourself,"I responded. He looked into my eyes and cupped my face in his hands,"You outshine the sun." I leaned in for the kiss and I felt soft lips gently touch mine. It was a sweet kiss, and one of my favourites. Liam drove to the school and we hopped out. He took my hand and intertwined it in his. Being the gentleman he is, he handed the lady our tickets and led me inside the gym. The disco ball was absolutely beautiful and the purple balloons matched it. A slow song came on and Liam grabbed my waist,"May I have this dance?" "Of course you may," I said taking his hand. He swayed us side to side to the music and I layed my head on his shoulder.
I went to go get Holly since she was standing there for a long time. She flinched when I touched her,"What's the matter babe?" "I don't know why I keep remembering. I don't want to, it only makes me cry," she quietly said. I picked her up and layed her down across the boys laps. She fell asleep quick, she was worn out. I motioned for Niall to follow me outside and he obeyed. I was going to slap him across the face, until I saw a guy with orange hair walk up on the porch. "Hey Ed is that you?" I asked dumbfounded. He nodded,"Yup your uh..Liam sent me here for a girl named Holly." "She's inside," I pointed to the door and us three walked in. Zayn and Louis got up,"Edy how's it goin?" "Good good,"he looked at Holly,"I'm guessing that's her?" Niall said yes and Holly's eyes grew wide. She covered her mouth,"Oh my gosh you're Ed Sheeran!" She ran up to him and he hugged her,"Hey Holly you're boyfriend Liam sent me here. He said you love my music." She nodded trying to find the right words. Ed laughed and sat down.
Ed's POV: Liam sent me down to his girlfriends house. He said she was a big fan and that her favorite was Little Bird. "Okay Holly, Liam tells me that your favorite song is my Little Bird," I said. "Yes I love it!" she told me. I smiled and grabbed my guitar,"If we take this bird in, with it's broken leg. We can nurse it she said. Come inside for a little lie down with me, and if you fall asleep it wouldn't be the worst thing. But I wake up and the makeup is on my shoulder. And tell me if I lie down would you stay now and let me hold ya. But if I kiss you will your mouth read this truth. Darlin how I miss you, strawberries taste like lips do. And it's not complete yet, mustn't get our feet wet cause that leads to regret; diving in to soon. And I'll owe it all to you my little bird." She had a huge smile on her face and she was trying to hold her fangirl in.
Louis's POV: Wow Ed is a really good guitar player. I looked at Harry and he smiled; fixing his hair. When Ed was finished, Holly hugged him. I think they were going to talk abut Liam, so I motioned for the boys to follow me upstairs.
Holly's POV: I hugged Ed, and he laughed. The boys left to go upstairs and I looked down. "Ok, so I heard Liam left to go join the military?" Ed asked turning sympathetic. I nodded sadly and he spoke up,"I've known Liam for a long time, and there are plenty of good stories to tell." I smiled,"Cool, let's hear them." Ed cleared his throat and began,"Ok so when you first moved here I was over at his place and we were just chilling and stuff. He went out to the store and he saw this 'beautiful girl' as he quoted. He said she had dirty blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. Then Liam got really sad because he knew he'd never see her again. So I spend the night and he goes to school the next day. When he came home, he said that he saw the girl again. He had helped her around and he thought she was so beautiful. The girls name was Holly. I never saw this girl and could never make my own opinion. But now I believe him." I was definatly blushing right now. Ed was really cool and easy to talk to.
Zayn's POV: Dang! They two peoples can chat up a hurricane. The boys and I were upstairs in Holly's room talking. "Yup they're talking about Liam,"I said. "Boys how can she like him? What is SO attractive about Liam?" Niall asked. Harry groaned,"Niall why have you not given up already? It obvious she's not into you. Liam is sweet and he would never try to steal his friends girl. Niall you need to drop it." Ok that was harsh, Harry could be a little easier on him. "Harry, be easier on him. He was just asking,"Louis scolded. Harry turned to Niall,"I'm sorry lad. I guess I got a bit overprotective." Niall raised his eyebrows,"Why are you so protective over her?" "Why is it your business?!" Harry shouted. Louis hushed them,"Boys calm down. Liam told Harry to keep a close watch on Holly. As for you Niall, it is Harry's business and you don't need to be in it." I tried to stay away from the mess and went downstairs to join the positive Liam conversation. "Hey guys are you still talking about Liam?" I asked. "Yeah,"they both said in unison. "Cool I am now part of it then," I sat down inbetween Ed and Holly. "So have you two like kissed a LOT?" Ed asked. "Yeah, some sweet, some sexy, some sad-like," she responded. "Um hmm is that it? What about your favorite one?" I asked. She looked at me,"The one he got dared to do, and we ended up kissing for like 3 minutes." I smiled,"Now that's a memory." I smirked,"Remember that one time when Harry like walked in one you guys." "That was embarrassing!"Holly shrieked. Ed and Zayn laughed and we had a good time.
Holly's POV: Eventually Ed left and I was really going to miss him. We exchanged numbers in case I needed anything. Zayn went upstairs and I followed him. "Hey guys," I said not knowing what they had been arguing about. They said hey and I sat beside Harry. "Where's Josh?" "Oh he's at a friends house,"Louis answered. I nodded and yawned. "Woah it looks like little bird is tired,"Harry said. "No I'm not!" I yelled but then yawned again. Zayn smiled,"Yes you are. But we'll play truth or dare anyway." We were already in a circle so we just started with Harry. " Truth or dare?" "Truth," I answered. He smiled,"Is it true that you and Liam have seen eachother naked?" I blushed,"Yeah." The boys gasped. "We'll have to ask him about that next time he video chats,"Zayn said. It was my turn,"Urm Louis truth or dare?" "Dare!" he shouted. "Alright I dare you to kiss Zayn's feet,"I dared. He made a face,"Do you know how strong that smell is?" Sure enough he did it and kept sticking out his tounge. It was Louis's turn now,"Ok Niall truth or dare?" "Dare," he answered simply. "I dare you to swap clothes with Holly," Louis pointed in my direction. I got up and followed Niall into the bathroom. When we came out it was so funny looking. We sat back down. "Harry truth or dare?" Niall questioned. "Duh dare," Harry told him. "I dare you to let Holly do your makeup." I got up and grabbed my makeup. I put mascara on him and eyeshadow, next I applied blush and lipstick. "Walla," I said kissing my fingers like a chef. He crinkled his nose and I gave him a mirror. "Holy crap! I look like Lady GaGa!" he shouted. I fell on my back laughing. We all looked crazy! Around 10 the boys left and I got into bed. Liam was all that was on my mind.
Liam's POV: I felt like Logan from The Lucky One. I woke up still in the infirmary recovering. My body didn't hurt as much and my hair was growing back a little. Holly would like that. I asked one of the nurses if I could call my girlfriend and she said sure. I grabbed my phone and dialed her number. "Hello?" she asked. "Hey babe it's me," I said happily. "Oh hey Liam, are you feeling any better?" I coughed,"Yeah it doesn't hurt so bad anymore." "Good. Oh and the boys found out we saw eachother naked," she replied. "Haha you're fit though," I laughed. One of the nurses looked at me like I was out of my mind. I mouthed 'girlfriend' and she realized. Holly started talking to me again,"I wish you were here my bed is cold." "I'm sorry I wish I could, babe," I responded. She sighed,"I love you Liam." "I love you too Holly, I'll talk to you tommorow ok?"I said sleepily. "Ok bye baby," she said and hung up. I layed there looking at the ceiling. I needs to get back to Wolverhampton to see Holly, but I would have to wait like everyone else.
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