Kiss me slowly

When Holly McNair moves to Wolverhampton because of a job transfer she thinks life will pretty much be the same. But when she meets (unfamous) Liam Payne he will fall absolutely head over heels in love with her. Since her relationship with ex boyfriend was so bad she finds it hard to love again.* Hey guys this is my first movella so please no hate THANKS!!!!*


10. Day with the guys

Holly's POV: I woke up to no Liam and frowned at the thought. Whatever. I walked down stairs trying to shake the sleepy out of me. "Good Morning;;;you have awful hair," Louis said from the kitchen. "Well thanks I try my best to look this way,"I joked. I made my way towards the couch and sat in between Zayn and Niall. "Where's Liam?" I asked Niall. "Oh, he went out for a bit," he responded. I almost shed a tear remembering what he said to me the other day. 'How could I not see that? I'm so blind!' I thought. Then Niall pulled me into a hug,"I know. Everything will be alright."he swayed us back and forth, which made me want to cry more. A little while and Louis brought the pancakes to the table. Niall jumped up like a kangaroo from the smell of syrup. Zayn laughed and we all took our seats. When we were done Harry came down, missing breakfast, with a huge smile plastered across his face. Everyone looked at him like he was crazy in the head.
Harry's POV: I missed breakfast :(. "So….…," I said taking a seat next to Holly. She looked up at me,"What?" I smiled which made her do the same."Why do you boys always have that way of making girls blush?" she asked. I just laughed and continued with my so,"So, I was thinking maybe you need a break." she looked at me confused and I carried on."Maybe you need a break from the military thing. And I was thinking have a day with me and the boys....," I trailed off."But NO Liam,"I finally stated. She took a minute or two to think about it and nodded."Ok, well go get dressed!" I said giving her a small push.
Zayn's POV: "What was that all about man?"I asked the flirt. "I just thought she needed a break,"Harry said. I made that face where you couldn't tell what I was thinking. Then an Irish accent spoke up,"So we are taking Holly with us wherever we are going?" Harry slightly nodded his curly head.
Holly's POV: I ran upstairs to take a shower. When I was done I went to the closet and put on my best blue jeans and a peach colored top and my grey Toms. I dried my hair and straightned it. Then I put on some light makeup and headed downstairs. "I'm ready!" I called and I saw four heads turn from the tv to me. "Woah, you look;;absolutely stunning," Niall exclaimed. Once again I heard the same thing all jumbled up making me blush, of course:) They all jumped up and filed out the door. Harry was driving, Louis in the passenger, and Niall Zayn and me in the back of Harry's car. We all went a couple places and stopped at the beach around lunch. Louis payed for Nandos and we all sat at the picnic table. "Happy plate," Niall shouted, wow that boy loves him some Nandos. Slowly we all finished and Harry got the bright idea of playing in the water. Harry tossed me over his shoulder and I screamed,"PUT ME DOWN!! OH MY GAHH PUT ME DOWN!!!" Just my luck, he didn't listen and dropped me into the water. "Harry Styles you are going to get it!" he laughed like a madman and I pushed him into a wave. He gasped for air and stood up, flipping his hair to its natural way. "Holly!" he said making a pouty face, I splashed him to wipe it off. We had a great time. Niall and Zayn swallowed some salt water and got it all in their nose. Haha. Finally we were getting tired and walked onto the sand. Harry lied down and fell asleep but Zayn buried him in the sand. I sat down,as well as Louis and Niall. I looked over at a bench which had a small roof over it. A boy was sitting there, and it looked like he was upset. He kept putting his face in his hands, and wiping his eyes. Was he crying? I looked back at the boys who were t paying attention, so I took the chance and slowly walked over to the boy who was covering his face. I sat down next to him and he didn't notice. I placed a hand on his shoulder and he jumped at it, not knowing anyone was there. But still never looked up. "Hey, you alright?" I asked in my giveaway American accent. Now to that he glanced at me a little, then uncovered his face all the way. "Holly?" he asked. I looked back at him,"Liam?! What are you doing?!" he started to cry again,"I don't know why I'm doing this?" he tried to act cheerful. I shook my head and hugged him, gladly he hugged me back and cried it out,"I hurt you....I'm so sorry. I didn't want to, to tell you I was going, but I have to." I was breaking more and more, knowing I had fallen for him; knowing he would leave. "Why can't we just stay like this forever?" he cried harder. "Liam?" "Yeah?" he sniffled. "Can you keep a secret?" I asked. He nodded his beautiful head up and down. "My ex boyfriend said he was going to the military.....but he didn't. He was gone for 8 months paving me to believe he was fighting, but he wasn't. He was with another girl," I shuddered at the thought of him, and Liam hugged me tighter,"Babe I would never do that!" he kissed my forehead and we sat there afraid of losing eachother.
Louis's POV: Once Harry got all the sand brushed off of him we went to find Holly. We called her name but she never answered. Finally, Niall found two people hugging eachother and motioned us over there. I think we all knew it was Holly and Liam. I felt really bad for her.
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