Kiss me slowly

When Holly McNair moves to Wolverhampton because of a job transfer she thinks life will pretty much be the same. But when she meets (unfamous) Liam Payne he will fall absolutely head over heels in love with her. Since her relationship with ex boyfriend was so bad she finds it hard to love again.* Hey guys this is my first movella so please no hate THANKS!!!!*


18. Awkward

Liam's POV: I woke up and Holly was not cuddled up to me. I felt something on my head and it was a sticky note. It read 'Hey babe. I went home, sorry I didn't want to wake you up. Love Hollyxxx'. I got up and put a fresh pair of clothes on and popped in a video game. Holly texted me 'Hey'. I paused the video game and texted her back 'Hey'. Then my mum walked in with her mouth wide open,"Did you just pause your video game to text her back?" I nodded confused and she added,"If you acctually do that kind of thing for a girl then she's a keeper." I blushed and Holly texted back 'What u want 2 do today?'. I replied 'Let's just go and goof off k?'. She said sure and I went to go pick her up. When I got there. She ran outside and hopped in my truck. Sometimes she could be such a kid; but its cute. "Hey Leeyum" she said stretching the e. "Hey sweetheart." I said and pulled up at the beach and we both got out. I picked her up by the waist and threw her over my shoulders,"LIAM WHAT ARE U DOING?! PUT ME DOWN!!" she yelled and laughed at the same time which sounded so rediculouis but in a good way. I stopped near the waters edge and made my way in. I dropped Holly in the water, but the smart girl clung onto my shirt and pulled me in with her. I laughed at how silly we were. We splashed around like little kids until I finally brought us onto the sand and we layed down. I looked into Hollys ocean blue eyes and she looked so pretty with wet hair. She had a bit of sand on her face so I wiped it off of her. "Wanna go get some icecream?" Holly nodded excitedly,"Yessss." I stood up and helped her up as well. We walked down to the little icecream place and ordered two vinalla cones.
Holly's POV: We sat down on the bench and I tricked Liam,"Hey babe, there is somthing on your shirt. He looked down and I swiped my icecream all over his face. "Oh it's on!" he shouted. "Bring it!" I said running for the beach. Bad idea. Liam is a way better runner than me and once he caught up with me, he tackled me onto the sand. "Gotcha!" he said holding down both of my arms. He took his cone and smeared it all over my face. He laughed and kissed me so that I didn't have any icecream on my mouth. Then he gave me kisses on my face and cleared all of it away. I did the same to him and got it off his neck as well. He moaned and bit his lip. I had to laugh it was so cute. Liam helped me up and we walked back to the car,"Where do you want to go now?" "I dunno, you tell me," I said still learning my way around in Wolverhampton. He flipped his hair and took my hand,"You are so beautiful; to meee." "I love it when you sing," I said hoping for more. "Oh really now?" he asked. I nodded,"Yep I absolutely love it." He shut the car door and left the radio off. "Now your going to regret it," he said pulling a funny face. I laughed and once we started driving away from the beach he sang in his worst possible voice. I plugged my ears,"Lalalalala." But he kept singing,"I want you to love me, like I'm a hot guy. Keep thinkin of me doin what you like." "Ahhh! Make it stopp,"I pleaded. 'Oh what the heck!' I thought and joined him,"I want to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world!" He stopped at the park and we got out. I took his hand and ran to the swings. "Push me!" I said and sat in the swing. Liam got behind me and pushed me high. I slowed down and he sat in my lap,"Liam get up you're squashing me." He did and asked me,"Hey would you mind if the boys come over and hang out with us?" I shook my head,"Not at all." He grinned and called the boys. When they got here, Liam and I were racing and didn't notice them. He grabbed me by the waist and spinned me around. We fell to the ground and the boys walked over and circled around us,"Hey were here,"Zayn said. "I hope we're not interrupting anything, are we?" Harry asked. "No," Liam said brushing the grass off of his shirt. "Ok so what do you little carrots want to do?" Then Harry pulled the most evil smirk ever. "Oh no Harold has an idea! Everyone take cover,"Louis shouted and hugged the ground. Niall asked,"What." Harry started to sing,"We went streaking in the park, skinny dipping in the dark." "Well we just had to choose this day to be at the park; didn't we?" Liam said with no way out of it. "Alright I say it's a plan!" Louis shouted,"Who's with me?" Everyone put their hand in except for Liam and Me. "I'm a girl,"I said for my excuse. Liam asked,"Do you want me to stay here with you so that you know." "You don't have to," I said giving him the opportunity. Zayn raised his hand,"I'll stay with her. You go Liam." Liam smiled,"She's mine. Don't try anything pretty boy." I laughed and sat on the grass with Zayn.
Liam's POV: We waited until midnight so that it was pitch black and no one was around. Harry, Louis, and Niall went to change and I stayed behind for a second. I walked over to Holly and Zayn,"Zayn make 100% sure Holly does not look." he nodded his head,"Ok got ya." I quickly kissed Holly and followed the boys.
Zayn's POV: I was covering Hollys eyes when I said,"Ready set go!" They ran and I uncovered her eyes. "Are they gone?" she asked. "Yeah," I assured her. She opened her eyes and looked at me,"Do you want to play a trick on them?" I nodded,"Always." He followed me and took the boys clothes and we hid in a bush. "Shhh," I said and put a finger to my mouth. She smiled and they came running back. We watched as the walked around trying to find us and their clothes. "Hey where is our clothes? And Zayn and Holly? And my bag of carrots?" Louis asked with worry in his voice. "Oh no we'll have to be homeless people! And starve to death! Oh my gahh this is so bad!" Niall rushed. Liam and Harry were trying to find us, and when they all turned around, Holly ran out of the bush and jumped onto Liam's back. "Ahhhh!" he screamed and ran around like a madman. "Holly what the crap? You scared me half to death!" She kissed his cheek and realized how awkward it was with 4 naked boys and a girl. She hopped off Liam back and sat down covering her eyes. I jumped out of the bushes,"Ahhhhhh!" "Wow you BOYS scream like girls," I clapped my hands and laughed like crazy. They all got their clothes back on and we piled into our van and Liam and Holly in theirs.
Liam's POV: I was on my way back to Hollys house. When I stopped on red, I turned to Holly,"You didn't look, did you?" She replied,"No. Well not the first time." "Holly?!?" I shouted a little mad. "I'm sorry. But take it from me, you boys are hot." she saved. "Umm hum. I'll get you back!" I said rolling my eyes. "Ok you're staying with me tonight!" she said dragging me inside her house. We ran upstairs and she went to take a shower. I hid behind the door, so that when it opened she wouldn't see me. When the bathroom door opened, Holly came out with a towel wrapped around her. I slowly crept towards and hugged her tight. "Liam?! Stop my towel is about to fall." I kept on hugging and her towel slowly made its way to the floor. "Liam stop! Get my towel!!" she said trying to cover up. I it up for her and quickly wrapped back up. She changed into pj's and when she came to sit on the bed, she stuck her tounge out at me. "Your so mean," and Holly pretended to cry. I hugged her,"I'm sorry babe. I won't do it again." She pretended to sob into my shirt a little more and asked,"Did you see anything?" I shook my head,"No. Not the first time." She punched me in the shoulder. "You better not have!" she said. I laughed and we layed on the bed. I pulled us under the cover and we went to sleep.
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