Follow Violet through her life after she wakes up in her teacher's bed. What happens in the lead up to that night? What happens after that night? What actually happened that night?


1. Chapter 1

The smoke caught my lungs and lingered there causing me to sit up abruptly. As I took in my surroundings I realised I was butt naked in a foreign room – not somewhere I recognised. “Shit.” I whispered as I snatched the blanket that was draped over me and wrapped it around me. “Shit, shit, Shit!” I repeated again, a little louder this time. I was alone in the room but that left the thick cloud of smoke that hovered above my head unexplained. My clothes from the previous night were strewn across the room. I shifted my body from the bed, allowing myself to gather my belongings: putting them on one by one. I picked up the knickers I had been wearing – feeling incredibly dirty for wearing them unclean - then my bra, which allowed me to drop the blanket. At that moment a small frail woman walked into the room I was standing in trying to gather my bearings. “Oh sorry dear,” she proclaimed as I felt a single tear escape from my eye. She turned and walked away but I wanted to call out to her. Jack’s t-shirt was lying in a heap on the floor and, suddenly, I was engulfed by an event from the previous night. This wasn’t his house and we argued the night before. God, I hoped I hadn’t done something reckless – that I would regret. I pulled the large ‘star wars’ t-shirt over my head and rolled up the right sleeve that had unraveled. My high wasted Levi denim shorts were on the neck of a guitar in the corner of the room. My old style American apparel white socks with blue stripes around the top were together at the bottom of the bed I had previously laid in. I pulled them on over my feet before slipping into my Nike blazers, which I quickly tied and stood from the bed. My grandfather’s tartan scarf was sticking out of my bag and I quickly snatched it before holding it in to my chest tightly – then wrapping it around my neck.

         Slinging my bag over my shoulder I tried not to make any noise as I left the room. At the bottom of the stairs I locked on to the most beautifully blue eyes I had ever seen but they were all I could focus on. I couldn’t take in the rest of the face. I had seen these eyes before and I had marveled over them before. After getting over the gorgeous eyes I realised who they belonged to: my media studies teacher. He was really handsome and nearly every girl I knew had a huge crush on him. “What the fuck?!” I stated before bursting past him and out the front door. Running ahead I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going or even where I was. All I could do was run – it was the safest option for me right now. As I ran the streets seemed to get busier, my breathing more erratic and the stares became deeper. Finally, I began to gather my bearings and stop running. I sat on the steps out in front of the busy city’s theatre. I pulled the cigarette carton from my bag and popped a cigarette into my mouth lighting it with my lighter. The small cylindrical object I held in my hand soon withered away to nothing and I found myself smoking another one.  A few - what I thought were - students walked the walk of shame past me as I tried to hide myself and not allow people to make the same assumptions about me. I couldn’t bare the thought of it. I wasn’t really sure what actually happened but couldn’t even stomach the thought of it.

         When I had finally finished the cigarette I was smoking I slipped a piece of chewing gum between my lips and began chewing. In my purse, I had no money. Obviously, I had blown it all last night on getting completely inebriated. Panic drowned my body. I was 20 miles from my own house and I had no cash. Typical Violet. My phone was in the depths of my bag and after a good rummage I found it, yanking it from my bag. As I held it in my hand I realised I was shaking vigorously. There were numerous missed calls and texts but I couldn’t bear to open them thinking I would be flooded with despair. I hauled Jack’s contact details up on the bright iPhone screen contemplating whether or not he would want to speak to me in light of last night’s events – all of which were still pretty blurry in my mind. After everything we had been through I couldn’t not call him – it was jack after all. My Jack.

         “Vi, where are you?” He asked hard and fast.

“Jack… I’m so sorry.” I began to blub down the phone as my hand began to shake even more.

“Violet, I don’t care. We can sort it. I just need you to tell me where you are?” I looked around, his few simple words calming me down considerably.

“I’m in town. West end.” I spoke quietly like I was going to compromise myself.

“Where about exactly?” he asked, pressing me.

“I don’t know Jack!” I snapped at him.

“Get yourself to the Alba pub. Do you know where that is?” He asked me calmly.

“Yeah. Bye.” I said, annoyed at myself for being so blunt with him.

         I walked in the general direction of the pub, which I knew so well. Infamous for serving to underage customers it was our usual weekend hangout. As I reached the front of the all too familiar building I began to remember key events from the previous night.


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