Gotta Be You

What happens when 17 year old Melanie and her family moves to London?Will she find her first love? Who will it be? Will someone come between them? Read to find out.


1. New Beginning

Melanie's P.O.V.

I woke up finding my mom next to me.

"Sweetie wake up." My mom said using her quiet and gentle voice."It's your first day of school."

"What time is it?" I find myself asking half awake half asleep.

"It's already 7:10." She replied.

"NOOOO I thought I set the alarm clock at 6:30!!!!" I yelled.

"Wel you probably forgot to turn it on."She said smiling at me.She doesn't really get mad."Now get up or you'll be late."

Today was my first day of school in London.I'm from California,USA and our family came to London because of my dad's job.He's a doctor and my mom is a fashion designer.We came here in the summer and I stayed home most of the time because I had to take care of my annoying little sister Sutton.

As I got out of bed,I went to my walking closet and picked out a cute outfit.It was white tan-top with a blue skirt.Then I picked a pair of white flats and some cute accessories.

"Hurry up Melanie!!!! It's alreayd 7:40 and school starts in half an hour and you haven't even ate your breakfast yet."My mom shouted from the kitchen.

"Coming." I said as I walked down the stairs.

I sat down on the dining table with my sister next to me,my dad in front of me reading a newspaper and mom in the kitchen making something.I quicked finished my pancakes and went in the car with my dad.


"Good luck on your first day." My dad said.

"I will dad and thanks." I told him.I really wish I'll get along with everyone at this school.

As I walked into the school some guy bumped into me.He had a brown cliff and amazingly beautiful brown eyes.

"I'm so sorry."He apologized."Are you new here I haven't seen you around before?"

"It's not a big deal and yes I am new."

"Want me to show you around?" He asked which  made me excited.This is the best first day ever.

"Yeah sure." I said trying to sound cool.

"What's your first class?" He asked as we walked to my locker.

"Umm...It's English."I said checking the schedule in my hands.

"I have that too.Can I se your schedule?" He asked.

"Yeah of course you can." I said as I handed him my schedyle.He took it out of my hands and looked at it.

"You,Harry and me have the same schedules everyday."He said excitedly

"Who's Harry?"I asked confused.

"Oh shit I forgot to explain.He's a guy from my group of friends,he's a really nice guy and omg I haven't even got your name yet.Where did my manners go?My name is Liam by the way." He said making me giggle.

"Oh and my name is Melanie.I came here from California because of my dad's job." I said.

"Cool and nice name." He said makng me blush.

"Thanks,you too." I said blushing.For someone like him I expected him to be a jerk but I guess England is different.Maybe this is how everyone here is...

"Well we better get going now or else we'll be late for class."He said as he looked at the time on his iPhone.

"Yeah we should." I said as we walked to the classroom together.

"Hey mate what's up?" He said to someone who I guess it's Harry.He was quite fit actually.He had beautiful hazel eyes,brown curly hair and his lips looked so perfect that made me want to kiss him.

"Who's the hot chick there? Your girlfriend?" I blushed quickly as he teased Liam.

"No Harry I'm not like you."

"Well you could be."

"Nah I'm happy with Dani." I didn't know he had a girlfriend.What did he mean I'm not like you? I stood there awkwardly as they continued to chat so I went and took a seat at the very back.I always liked sitting at the back of the class because teachers sometimes only pick people in the front rows and that they don't see what I'm doing.

Then a girl walked in,she looked like she was new so I was glad I wasn't the only new student.She looked really shy and I saw her staring at me.Then I saw her walking towards me and took the seat next to me.

"Hi are you new here too?" She asked.

"Hey and yes." I said

I was about to ask for her name but a guy walked in.I guessed he was my English teacher.His name was Mr.Smith.

"Everyoneone back to your seats." He said sternly and everyone hurried back to their seats.Everyone was scared of him I guess.


The day passed quickly and I became good friends with Eleanor,Danielle and Yasmin.Yasmin was the girl in my English class and Eleanor is Liam's friend Louis' girlfriend and Danielle is Liam's girlfriend.My mom picked me up and went to pick Sutton up.We went back to the house and she made us tell her what happened at school today.As we finished talking I went back to my room and took a shower and went to sleep.This was gonna be the best year ever I thought to myself.

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