The Girl Next Door

One Direction was on break. Niall went back to his home town to hang out with family. He was looking forward to just playing golf and chatting with friends but he never expected to find a girl. A girl he would fall hard for. Is she the one? Did Niall find his princess? Will their be secrets to be uncovered?


2. The Flight

Niall's POV I arrived on time and was already in my seat. The plane started up ,and I was ready to see my   me mum and father, and of course Greg. I noticed the flight attendedent kept on glancing at me. I mean she was good looking and all but Im not really interested in her. She came over to where I was sitting and ask me if I needed anything as she fluttered her eyes. This was going to be a long trip.

 She would keep on coming over asking me if I needed anything over and over for the past hour until I fell asleep.Thank goodness.


 I saw walking to a park, but it brings back no memories. I dont feel lost, like I'm meeting someone,something. I look at a fimiliar tree, a girl is standing their, laughing. I run towards her, faster and faster. She has no face,noeyes,no mouth, nothing.  She was laughing. I was so confused. "How can you laugh with no mouth?",I asked. No answer. Just laugher.She grabs me and shakes me. Over and over laughing hard a harder. I hear faint talking. Over and over "wake up sir," She laughs and laughs. I run and run. Then trip shes their, behide me.


       I jolt up. Painting and sweating. The flight attendent had a rag, rubbing my forehead, and telling me that we landed in Ireland. I was so ready to get off this plane, to go see my mum and father, to get away from this flight attendent.


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