The Girl Next Door

One Direction was on break. Niall went back to his home town to hang out with family. He was looking forward to just playing golf and chatting with friends but he never expected to find a girl. A girl he would fall hard for. Is she the one? Did Niall find his princess? Will their be secrets to be uncovered?


3. Mom and Dad

Nialls POV:

 I get off looking for my mom and dad. I'm guessing the sign that says"Niall!! Over here!" would be them. They all rush up and hug me. Mom crying and dad hugging me."I can't believe your finally here." "Where else would he be." My dad saying smiling at her. WE all walked back to the car."So where is Greg?" I ask."Oh he wanted to stay home for reason,strange isnt it?" My mom is so cute."Well at least our here." I shut my eyes to sleep for a little bit. All of a sudden I'm tired again. I slowly drift off to sleep.

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