The Girl Next Door

One Direction was on break. Niall went back to his home town to hang out with family. He was looking forward to just playing golf and chatting with friends but he never expected to find a girl. A girl he would fall hard for. Is she the one? Did Niall find his princess? Will their be secrets to be uncovered?


1. Packing

Niall's POV

  I was so glad that we were finally on vacation. I was so excited to go back to Ireland and hang out with me lads and mum. I already had my flight set for 10 a.m. so I had to get up early. Which I hated by the way. The rest of the lads were going to London and hanging out their. Now I have to pack all by myself because everyone else already left. Great. I packed all my chothes and belongings. when I noticed that I was done with everything it was 11p.m., I decided just to sleep on me bags and rest for tomorrow.Before I knew it , I was already asleep dreaming about me day.

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