Anne ends up finding One Direction, but not the way she hoped, there all tied up. She ends up get herself into danger, romance and keeping her five favorite boys a secret, from her best friend, and thats hard.She forgets all about her lonly father, dead mother and long lost brother, Harry. After her promise, she seems to forget everything but Louis.


3. Whole Story

Annes Pov.

Right now, Harry and I are telling the 4 boys and Lacy the whole story of us, even Lacy dosnt know! He it goes: "When mom and dad where together we were inseperable, we walked to school together, gave each other presents and did experiments. When mom died Harry went BAZERK and ran away, I tried to run after him but dad didnt allow me, he said he dosnt want to lose me too. After a while we lost hope of Harry coming back. And thats all I know..." I started crying again.But Harry again wraped his arms around me.

Harrys Pov

I started my part of the story,"I went to Holmes Chaple England and just walked away from the hororr of my mothers death, I loved my mother so much.I kept on walking until a woman named Anne, funny right, picked me up and adopted me, remember I was only 8, at first I didnt know how to handle it, to be adopted when you already had a family, but I didnt know how to get back, I just took random train to get there. But after a while I grew fond of my new mother, Anne. Then I sighned into X-Factor and I guess I just have been so busy, then the kidnapping happend. And only Liam remembers that"

Lacy Pov. I couldnt beleive the story, it was so tragic, both of them, right then I shouted something I thought I never would, "Anne and I are going to track down your kidnapper!"

Anne Pov.


Harrys Pov.


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