Anne ends up finding One Direction, but not the way she hoped, there all tied up. She ends up get herself into danger, romance and keeping her five favorite boys a secret, from her best friend, and thats hard.She forgets all about her lonly father, dead mother and long lost brother, Harry. After her promise, she seems to forget everything but Louis.


24. Roller Bed Thingy

Annes Pov

The car stops and we rush into the hospital with poor Louis against our shoulders. He feels so weak but I feel his strong heart beat. The automatics doors open as we walk into the main office. Three doctors with white coats on bring a roller bed thingy up to Louis. Liam, Niall, and Zayn help lift him up on to it. The doctors look him over examing his body. They check his heart beat then roll him over to a room before they said anything. We run after the doctors carrying Louis in the roller bed and step into a grey painted room with bright flowers in the corners of the room.

"What wrong with him?" I say choking back a tear.

"It seems like he became uncontious, not a big deal, but we still need to keep an eye on him. We dont want him waking up with no one in the room. Right now you ladies and gentlemen and sit aroung until the nurse comes in and says diffrently, okay?" Oneof the doctors say with a firm and heavy voice.

"Okay." I get up and sit on Harrys lap so Niall can sit in my seat.

"Harry, do you think it was my fault?" I whisper in hs ear.

"Anne, it could be or maybe it wasnt, he is going to wake up so dont worry about it, okay?" He whispers.

"Ok." After saying this I cuddle my face inbetween Harrys chin and shoulder. I fall into a little nap, which I think I deserve to have.

Louis Pov

It is all black. I dont know what happend but it is all black. It is like a ladder. I try and try to open my eye but all I end up doing is sliding back down. I cant sleep but I can hear. I hear soft talking and I hear, I hear Anne. Anne. Anne.Anne. I try to pry open my eyes. I cant, I just cant. I just cant open my stupid eyes!

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