Anne ends up finding One Direction, but not the way she hoped, there all tied up. She ends up get herself into danger, romance and keeping her five favorite boys a secret, from her best friend, and thats hard.She forgets all about her lonly father, dead mother and long lost brother, Harry. After her promise, she seems to forget everything but Louis.


18. Rings

Annes Pov.

Louis and I wake up early to get our rings. We convinced Paul that we were going to be fine withthe fans, but he said we had to wear disguises. Louis and I wanted some fun with this so we dress each other up. I make Louis wear a Comicon T-Shirt and glasses with pushed out lenses, with one of my pink beanies and a fake mustache to top it off. For me Louis makes me wear a very tight shirt that I never wear because it shows alot of cleavage and he makes me wear skinny jeans with a midnght black wig. Right now Louis looks like a nerd and I look (What Louis calls it-) Sexy.

Louis and I head off in his big orange bus. I think it is pretty cool. Once we get to the mall, Louis and I  get weird looks. We ignore them. We head to the Jewley Store at the corner. Once we walk in a big yellow bell rings. A lady with blonde curls and small glasses come by and greets us with a big smile.

"What are you looking for today? Engagment rings?" The lady asks.

"No No No, we are looking for promise rings ma'm"

"Thats too bad, but here are the promise rings, when you are done please meet me at the cash register." She says while walking to the rings. Once she leaves Louis starts laughing his head off.


"She really wanted us to get married" he says inbetween laughs. Once he says that I start laughing because it is a true fact, she did seem like it!

"OK, lets look"

Louis points out these plain gold ring which have the words -Forever Promised- on it... YES!

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