Anne ends up finding One Direction, but not the way she hoped, there all tied up. She ends up get herself into danger, romance and keeping her five favorite boys a secret, from her best friend, and thats hard.She forgets all about her lonly father, dead mother and long lost brother, Harry. After her promise, she seems to forget everything but Louis.


23. LOUIS!

Annes Pov.

I hear the door creak aswell as Lucy. It is Niall.

"Louis, is not waking up."

"What?!" I say astonished

"He went to sleep now he wont wake up. Anne can you try?"

"Yea" I walk into where the bunks are and stand next to Louis.

"Louis, please wake up, Louis." I start shaking him. I put my ear next to his chest.

"HARRY" I yell. "GET THE CAR READY! WE NEED TO GET TO THE HOSPITAL! Liam, please help me carry Louis." Liam grabs one side of his body while I grab the other. We carry his body into the car and surrond him in the back seat. I lean my head down on his body and start crying.

"Anne, he is goiong to be okay, he just had a stressful day, thats all."

"Thanks Liam." I lean my head on Liams shoulder and went to sleep until we got to the hospital.

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