Anne ends up finding One Direction, but not the way she hoped, there all tied up. She ends up get herself into danger, romance and keeping her five favorite boys a secret, from her best friend, and thats hard.She forgets all about her lonly father, dead mother and long lost brother, Harry. After her promise, she seems to forget everything but Louis.


1. Dissuced

Louis Pov. Lucky for us, we were saved, none of us knew what hapend except for Liam who seemed to remember, we are guessing thats why he had such a bad wound. We dont know who the girl was that saved us but she seemed to think alot, before she left she seemed to be thinking so much. she didnt even tell us her name. right now we are still in the warehouse trying to get ourselves together.We are asking Liam a whole bunch of questions.Except for Harry who seemed to be more quiet or even devestated. Liam said that he saw a thin head of blonde hair, a white deveous smile, and her, her personality? "Yes" he said, "you can tell all she wanted was attension and you can tell she had a very deep idea and the only words she said was "Ill be back!" All of us boys beleived it had to be true, but im still wondering about Harry and the mysterious girl. She seemed to hurt, inside and out.

Harrys Pov. I Know Her...

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