All Hail Barracutus *On Hold*

War is ripe for the planet of Sempiterna. For generations the twelve major tribes/species (Unless you believe in the tales of the Wizards who say there are thirteen) have very little knowledge of the meaning of the word "peace". Only recently has the tribe of the Svets Deus brought about an era of peace.
In the meanwhile, Barracutus, a normal Kyanos Diamon, struggles to solve the past about the ancient forefathers of Sempiterna. Though could the knowledge of the ancient forefathers be a bigger mystery than he had originally thought it to be? Read throughout to uncover the history of Sempiterna in the first book of an epic trilogy.

(New chapter released every week)

**Please feel free to comment if you believe I made any mistakes in grammar, spelling, etc. Also any constructive criticism and that stuff would be nice** ** Finally, Story Rating: 13+ (Subtle, some-what descriptive violence)**


2. Prologue

It is the aliens' 52,321 year. All the species have been at peace for a little more than a year now. This being credited to the great Svets Deus, but unfortunately these peaceful eras are not known to last for long. War is brewing about and the discrimination between most of the tribes on Sempiterna is still at large.

Back in the capital city of Kratern Topp, the Kyanos Diamons have been notified that the Svets Deus will be having a little visit. In order to welcome the 'gods' of Sempiterna the right feast must be made. As they prepare for the company of their superiors, they have been ordered an odd request. They are to let their ten greatest warriors come before the Svets Deus and indulge themselves with the great feast. Surely it is a honor to prepare the feast for them, but a greater honor to be invited to feast with them.

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