All Hail Barracutus *On Hold*

War is ripe for the planet of Sempiterna. For generations the twelve major tribes/species (Unless you believe in the tales of the Wizards who say there are thirteen) have very little knowledge of the meaning of the word "peace". Only recently has the tribe of the Svets Deus brought about an era of peace.
In the meanwhile, Barracutus, a normal Kyanos Diamon, struggles to solve the past about the ancient forefathers of Sempiterna. Though could the knowledge of the ancient forefathers be a bigger mystery than he had originally thought it to be? Read throughout to uncover the history of Sempiterna in the first book of an epic trilogy.

(New chapter released every week)

**Please feel free to comment if you believe I made any mistakes in grammar, spelling, etc. Also any constructive criticism and that stuff would be nice** ** Finally, Story Rating: 13+ (Subtle, some-what descriptive violence)**


8. Chapter 6: White Lies in Dark Places

Barracutus moved his knight forward and then said, "It was night, as I presume you had already came up with that assumption by yourself. You and the others were sleeping, and I will admit: I was having a rough night. So, I had decided to take a walk, and I thought it would be nice to see Fortfarande Vatten again since it had been so long. To my surprise, although I had thought it might have been a possibility, the gate was locked for the night, thus just walking around the walls would suit fine. At the least, I would be able to examine the superior craftsmanship for just the walls of the city. As I thought this to myself though, that is when I noticed I was not alone."

Barracutus paused for a brief moment as Xeterex pushed his pawn forward to the center. After this Barracutus put his hand under his chin and moved his other knight forward. "I see you still cling to the ways of your ancestors," Xeterex remarked, "But please continue. Let your mind open freely to the experiences you have been involved with."

"Yes, agreed. At my first glance, I supposed it was perhaps one of you here who might have heard me get up. Later though, I realized my guess was far from correct. The size of this Kyanos Diamon alone was immense. When he walked up to me he measured nearly twice my size. I couldn't believe it initially. Quite ironic however that he had suggested to accompany me on a walk."

At this Xeterex placed another pawn forward next to the other and said a little mockingly, "Sounds like that which belongs in legends or child's tales. I would hope you at least can describe the Diamon who chose to accompany you?"

"It is quite understandable for you to question me, but please let me state my own account before you begin to question my recollection capacity." Barracutus then put his knight at the pawn's mercy. "He was either a warrior or a high priest of the town. He wore ancient dragon scaled armor with a dragon-leather hood, but what intrigued me is his entire left shoulder and arm was pure bone. Besides that, his face seemed flat and smooth, but I never seemed to get a good look at the Diamon. Anyways, I answered to him that he could join me on my walk. When we set off, he asked me something that I was struggling with. He spoke to me but not in modern language. He spoke in the ancient tongue to me, 'Why is power something that few are blessed with, and something that is corrupt and backwards for those who seek and obtain it?' I had to accept I was at a loss with this. For as you may know, in the ancient tongue which he may have been referring to; it can take on two meanings in one. Therefore, the answer is indecisive, and has been asked since the beginning of time."

Xeterex chose to take the knight and he nodded as Barracutus spoke about the ancient tongues. Xeterex then responded, "Yes of course, in ancient languages power is often described as the ability to move forward."

Barracutus placed the other knight at the other pawn's mercy again, "Precisely, then he carried on with himself, 'Every question has one answer, and every answer one question. I have tried to draw a conclusion myself, but still I fail. Surely it would seem even I lack the blessings of power... the true test of power.' I had not an answer for him either as I told him then. We took a stop once I told him so and he looked down at me with eyes of a mourner. It was a strange reaction to my response, almost as if he thought I carried the answer and was unwilling to give it to him. Still we decided to walk a little more."

Xeterex captured the knight and asked, "And what of your experience then? Did you lose conscience and found yourself here?"

"No," Barracutus said as he moved his pawn to the center, "The Diamon started to tell me a legend one which I had never heard before, 'I suppose I asked you that question in hopes of finding an answer. Ultimately, I don't see another reason to ask a question if your intentions are not in finding the answer. But, long ago I was told that in a world far off from here, someone learned the answer to such a question. He was able to obtain the answer because he did not seek it. However, then it was asked: How does one answer a question if they do not seek it? The One as he came to be called here, said he could not share the answer as it would make it void. He did however, say he would allow others to be told the question in hopes that others would join him that he may share the great reward. Even now though, he is alone and shares the reward with no one. Many have forgotten of it, or many have just lost all hope in receiving the answer. After all, why chase a reward you will never be able to obtain in a lifetime? Later, in about two-hundred years after the question was first asked still no one had answered the question. Many of lives have wasted their lives in search for it by then. It was all self-inflicted though, because they forgot that the answer is only revealed by those who do not seek it. So, I was hopeful again when I asked you if you perhaps knew the answer because I sincerely asked it for the sake of knowing rather than for the reward.' I, unfortunately, did not know how to respond to this either. I just told him that he would have better luck if he tried to search for something else. As advice I just remember telling him, 'It's not the end of the journey that gives the reward, but the paths you choose to reach the end.'"

"And after you gave him advice how did he respond?" Xeterex asked as he moved his knight.

Barracutus took his other pawn and placed it next to the other still placed in the center, "It wasn't so much his response as it was more of his sudden query to which he asked me, 'Do you know where we are?' I said at Fortfarande Vatten, but he asking if I knew what portion of the wall. I stated I had not then. From hearing this he taught me that the section of the wall we were at was the first to be built and completed. I can't really say I saw the importance in this though, other than it had a nice design on it to show more of its superior craftsmanship."

"So would you say the symbol represented something that he wanted you to see?" Xeterex questioned Barracutus while moving his other knight forward.

"Well..." Barracutus hesitated slightly at the question. Abruptly, Barracutus captured the pawn with his bishop and continued in a emotionless tone, "It may have been possible. For after that, the Diamon gave me that same look as the time when he heard I had not an answer for his question."

"Very interesting indeed." Xeterex remarked as he continued questioning after he moved his knight toward the pawn, "Can you go on with what happened next?"

Hesitantly Barracutus took the other pawn, "I would like to say I cannot. However, I shall."

"Yes, please do." Xeterex moved his other knight to salute the bishop.

"He came next to me, and asked whether I would like to sit," Barracutus took the saluting knight, "I stated that I thought it would be nice. Interestingly, he asked me if he could know of my past. In my response I stated I was open to him like the Temple of Hewhay is open to everyone. After all, I have nothing to hide. Only then did I realize he did not intend to ask questions. He put his claw gently on my forehead; I was paralyzed with fear, but I cannot say why. Then when he had removed his claw from my forehead he looked at me in disarray. I asked what was wrong, but he still looked perplexed. Eventually, he broke the silence and he had replied, 'How is it that your past is years ahead from the present day?' I told him I did not quite understand what he meant, but he assured me that he was not mistaken."

Xeterex showed an expression of bewilderment himself as he moved what seemed to be a random pawn forward. "Continue Barracutus. This is very intriguing."

"Once again I told him I did not understand what he spoke of. Yet, he also repeated his question, 'How is it that your past is years ahead from the present day?' 'That's... impossible. You must be mistaken,' as I had told him however then he responded quickly, 'I am not mistaken. I saw a time which even I could not comprehend, but still it was years ahead of our present day.'" Barracutus moved his pawn and took Xeterex's last knight and went on, "Now of course I had to ask him why he was so sure. Though again he was quick with response, 'When my claw touched your forehead I am able to see your past only the past. It is an ancient method no longer practiced anymore and first taught by the seven kings of this land.'"

"And you cannot recall of what he spoke of?" Xeterex moved his bishop and took the pawn.

"I am afraid none of it. I have yet to live my life... as we all do. Would I not be mistaken?" Barracutus moved a random pawn forward as he talked.

"It would..." Xeterex took the other pawn and continued, "only appear so. But it is said that the door to kings and queens are open widely and only guarded by the most trusted of servants. As you have not yet examined?"

"I knew this 'game' would become a tool for theological reasons from the start. I see you have learned many secrets from the ancients, thus allowing the doors to be opened. Have you not seen the origin of this style though?" Barracutus asked as he leaned back.

Xeterex then asked fragmented, "The origin?"

Barracutus answered bluntly, "Sometimes, there is more to a secret than that which it first appears."

"Yes quite, but tell me how you arrived back here?"

"Of course... after the Diamon assured me he was not mistaken, he looked back. He told me that the dragons had been stirred, and that I should leave now if I wanted to be able to catch up. Although, he said it dispiritedly. So, I wished him well and set off back here where I returned back to my quarters... back here."

Xeterex then thought about this for a moment and then declared, "I may have fallen asleep for a little bit ,but still the amount of time you speak of does not add up. Even if our dragons did take a rest near the city walls of Fortfarande Vatten it would not have been so long. You have simply added time that has never existed."

Barracutus knew that such a case would be certainly possible in both terms so he repeated the words of Xeterex indifferently, "It would only appear so."


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