All Hail Barracutus *On Hold*

War is ripe for the planet of Sempiterna. For generations the twelve major tribes/species (Unless you believe in the tales of the Wizards who say there are thirteen) have very little knowledge of the meaning of the word "peace". Only recently has the tribe of the Svets Deus brought about an era of peace.
In the meanwhile, Barracutus, a normal Kyanos Diamon, struggles to solve the past about the ancient forefathers of Sempiterna. Though could the knowledge of the ancient forefathers be a bigger mystery than he had originally thought it to be? Read throughout to uncover the history of Sempiterna in the first book of an epic trilogy.

(New chapter released every week)

**Please feel free to comment if you believe I made any mistakes in grammar, spelling, etc. Also any constructive criticism and that stuff would be nice** ** Finally, Story Rating: 13+ (Subtle, some-what descriptive violence)**


4. Chapter 2: Talk of Warriors

"I heard of your great deeds to King Plagis. Surely, you must tell us of your experiences with such a great warrior." Eusebius had said folding his hands and continued his thought, "Perhaps you would like to tell us how he was cursed with that pale white face? Or even go on about your fight side-by-side with him against the Horridus Dens? Perhaps how he managed to die?"

Yonas the Zealot responded in a slow, steady tone, "Plagis's face was once one of the common Kyanos Diamon. Not a scar had marked it years and years ago. But like all great things, his time was to come. Exactly, 389 years from this day there was a great plague... The White Plague. Noted for it's flesh-eating ability, it would cause death if not treated soon. Plagis had the unfortunate honor to experience this on his face. However, we were not ready to deal with such a plague in our Kratern Topp. At the time it was but a small village. Our medics tried all that they could, and successful they would be; but their success would be too late. By then Plagis had lost his skin where the plague was strongly developed. One of those places being his face, now turned white as death."

The company of warriors listened in grief and awe at the same time. Seldom had the Kyanos Diamons ever get the chance to hear the tragic story of their once beloved king. Eusebius then asked, "He seemed like quite the noble king. Can you tell me the story of his death?"

Yonas sat still as he stared in the distance. He broke the silence after the quiet pause, "It's not a day I necessarily like to remember. I ask that you would forgive me if I need a moment between my words." The warriors nodded so Yonas went on, "During the rebellion of the great Horridus Dens after the White Plague was contained, the Horridus Dens had sought for more territory. Their forces were strong as they were immune to the plague that nearly crippled all other races. With the help of the Nezeligs Slepkava, it was decided to strike before it would be too late. So we set off to the South. With them we were certain of our victory. But we had been deceived! The Nezeligs Slepkava had already sided with the Horridus Dens, and they seeked our deaths. Plagis our leader then offered his life if we would be granted a safe return. How could they deny the life of our king? With that we were given our last order by Plagis... to return back to the place he would never see again... His life was our... our... salvation. I'm sorry, I can't... can't talk about it anymore."

Yonas's face grew paler as he thought about it. The rest of the warriors could only imagine what gruesome fate that Plagis went through. After the thoughts had diminished, they began to eat away. "I do not mean to intrude," Eusebius stated sternly as they were eating and carried on, "But I am curious in the origins of your ten warriors, Yonas. I would very much like to hear of those who call themselves Kyanos Diamons."

"Why yes of course. Go on... Figmus start us and fulfill our guest's request if you please." Yonas had ordered.

Figmus looked up to the ceiling almost like he was confused and bringing himself together. After he had collected his thoughts he directed his attention toward Eusebius and answered, "I am Figmus and given the honor to being noted as the greatest warrior of the ten. I enter the battlefield with two large broad swords in both of my hands. However, when I was young I was raised by the alien wizards. They taught me many things, so I am one of the leading philosophers of this land, but even I cannot take credit for being the best at that. That honor belongs to Barracutus whom I have come to know as one of my most trusted friends."

One of the Svets Deus warriors sneered, "You are much too humble, Figmus. But your honor is very admirable. Even us gods wish for such self-honor."

Eusebius then pointed his finger toward Bucefulus and commanded, "You... tell me about yourself."

"My lord, what would I have to tell you that would be of any importance to you?" Questioned Bucefulus.

"Please," Eusebius sat-up in his chair and continued, "You may refer to me as amicus. Also, nothing is of importance to me tonight. I have arrived to come and greet our fellow acquaintances in this peaceful era. So please, amicus, just talk. I do not require anything else."

Bucefulus's subtle fear vanished as he listened to Eusebius's words. It brought a sense of the presence of peace. Bucefulus made a slight smirk and then spoke, "Very well then, but I am not sure if there is much to say. I guess one of my notable facts is that I am a somewhat good armorer. I'm not much for ancient ceremonial armor; I'm no artisian or anything but my armor gets the job done. I.. I'm sorry I still don't know what you require of me."

"Oh it's quite fine!" Eusebius exclaimed in haste. He then glanced over the ten warriors and looked at the other eight who had not given their short introduction. As he was looking, he paused at the sight of Minos and talked, "You... I think I remember this face of yours. Please speak of yourself."

Yonas declared, "Eusebius, you must be mistaken. No one has ever seen you in over fifty years."

"No no, let him go on. I am not mistaken of anything here which I see."

Minos stood straight, gave a salute, and interjected, "Perhaps you speak of my brother. I remember the story he told me... the last story he told me. I was commander of my batallion when I had made a fatal mistake, but not for me... for the second division. Due to my misunderstanding, I had lost my brother to the Nezeligs Slepkava. Dang beasts anyways. I imagine it taught me a lesson the hard way. Anyone can put it that way, but I say 'only few can relate.' The only true thing I wish I ever could have, is to have what which once was mine."

"Understood Minos." Eusebius said with a his head tilted as if he didn't know what to say. Eusebius made his way around the other Kyanos Diamon warriors 'til he reached Horribleecus. "Now what have you to tell me about yourself?" Eusebious asked.

Horribleecus put his elbows on the table and crossed his arms as he slouched slightly forward, "I believe myself to be one of the weaker warriors of these ten. However, my heart belongs to my king, and that gives me strength. I do not know what is better though, pure strength and brutality or pure compassion to the heart."

"You bring about an interesting concept, Horribleecus," Eusebius said as he interrupted, "Yet all of you warriors humble me with your view of beliefs."

Horribleecus returned, "I am pleased that you think so, but Barracutus is our greatest philosopher in these lands."

"Alright, Barracutus... inform me on some of your beliefs."

"It would be my honor," Barracutus continued smoothly, "Well, perhaps you would like to know our view of the spiritual world and of the Wondrous Seven? Or the qualities of a true warrior?"

Eusebius thought for a little while in a blank stare and then declared, "Teach me of the so called Wondrous Seven... unless you would rather tell us of a true warrior's spirit. I do not care which."

"Yes, Lord. As you may know the Wondrous Seven guide our actions through visions. Recently, these visions have not been seen for more than three-hundred years. It's been estimated since the time that Plagis had passed. The god of Hewhay is our god whom we serve. He is perfectly wise as well as the model for our warriors. His realm is best described as 'the perfect Sempiterna'. But a perfect world still cannot describe it. Only few are chosen to have their spirits walk in the realm with Hewhay for a little. Many of the Seven 'wane' down until you reach the oppositve of Hewhay... that being Natas. Natas twists and corrupts all that he comes into contact with. Only the outcasts choose to worship the demon. With such being said, we know little about his realm... none have ever been able to tell the story if they did."

Eusebius sat in deep thought to absorb all that in and then stated, "Well, I only skimmed the surface of Kyanos Diamon philosophy and it seems extremely complex. Too much for me to grasp in a mere day."

Xeterex, one of the Svets Deus, turned toward Eusebius and suggested, "Perhaps they can come back to our home capital? There we can treat them to some of our own likings."

Eusebius hesitated for a moment and asked,"Yonas, would you allow us to do so? I'd very much like to hear more of your exemplary culture."

"In this time of peace," Yonas went on, "One does not need a warrior to fight. You may take them given they return in a month's time. I would be glad to introduce our views to you, Lord."

"Very well, you have my word Yonas." Eusebius promised and then turned to Xeterex, "I'm sure you and Barracutus will have much to discuss." Xeterex nodded in both respect and agreement in return. Eusebius then declared, "Then by tomorrow's nightfall we shall set off for our home."

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