All Hail Barracutus *On Hold*

War is ripe for the planet of Sempiterna. For generations the twelve major tribes/species (Unless you believe in the tales of the Wizards who say there are thirteen) have very little knowledge of the meaning of the word "peace". Only recently has the tribe of the Svets Deus brought about an era of peace.
In the meanwhile, Barracutus, a normal Kyanos Diamon, struggles to solve the past about the ancient forefathers of Sempiterna. Though could the knowledge of the ancient forefathers be a bigger mystery than he had originally thought it to be? Read throughout to uncover the history of Sempiterna in the first book of an epic trilogy.

(New chapter released every week)

**Please feel free to comment if you believe I made any mistakes in grammar, spelling, etc. Also any constructive criticism and that stuff would be nice** ** Finally, Story Rating: 13+ (Subtle, some-what descriptive violence)**


19. Chapter 17: Left in Time

The now twenty-six warriors of both Kyanos Diamons and Black Aliens reached the rugged steps in which they first came in to. The leader of the Black Aliens was still coughing up blood and flesh from the torture which could have happened weeks ago. So, two of his followers were still dragging him by the arms. They walked up the run down steps which still were smooth by the drainage of liquids, whether it be blood or mere water.

They reached the end of the staircase only to find that it was blocked by a wall. The leader of the Black Aliens then held out his hand with a round object that was golden in nature. He muttered, "In the impression... Place it in."

Horribleecus took the golden object and put it in the diamond impression impression against the wall. The golden sphere then appeared to melt to fit the "key" hole perfectly. It turned a silver color and gave off a bright, white flash. "What now, and what just happened?" inquired Horribleecus.

"Touch the silver diamond. It is the key to all things that have been lost to the past. Had it not been for this, we would be stuck. But a mere trick one tends to learn when studying ancient catacombs and mining camps. They are often rare, but they are called 'Dragon Hearts.' Only seven are known to exist according to the transcripts of the ancient writings of one who goes by the name: The Seeker. We have yet to disprove his writings, and so it is very authoritative."

Horribleecus touched the diamond and it began to bubble back into the golden sphere. Once it turned into the golden sphere it popped out of the key hole and levitated mysteriously in-front of Horribleecus. "I would very much like the artifact back. Then knock four times, as the diamond suggests."

Horribleecus carried the Dragon Heart back to the Black Alien and then went to the door and knocked four times. The wall began to shake and dust filled the room. The warriors walked out into the light and put their hands over their eyes. Their vision was still blurred due to the days spent in the darkness. As they became more accustomed to the light, they looked up and saw a dark haze over Heaven's Peak.

"We shall go North and then head to the Western gates," commanded Figmus who was still carrying Barracutus over his back.

The warriors went throughout the streets that smelled of rotting flesh. Bodies were hung on peaks of buildings, put in large piles, speared against walls, or nailed to a stake and burned by the dozens. The only ones who roamed the streets were the Bony Devils who indulged themselves in cannibalism. As the warriors approached these areas, the Devils hissed and scurried into the dark corners of the streets. Their red eyes gleamed and slowly crawled out once they had passed. Minos tried to look for any survivors to tend to, but they had been far too late. Their corpses were all ravaged by the sword or by the cannibalistic teeth of the Devils.

The warriors had to carry on, for there was nothing they could do now; it was too late. Though they realized their needs, so if there was a sword still impaled through a lifeless body, they would foray the already gruesome sight. Quickly, the warriors were armed; they had never seen so much death in their life.

After they began to head West, they began to see familiar bodies. It was the Black Dragons who so valiantly provided the escape for the others. Among them they found nothing but Svets Deus who died for different purposes: some with the Order of the Dragons and some who opposed the Order. Though in the center of the square was an executioner's block placed upon a wooden stadium for all to observe. Here the warriors came to and mourned for the loss of Eusebius. His head had been decapitated and placed upon a stake. Though there were two others who also met the blade to the neck: Dod and Radd.

Nailed upon the stake which held Eusebius's head was an epistle:

        "This is what heretics, such as Eusebius: your great king (as you once called him), deserve. He hath fooled us all into believing his lies, and now my brothers we will no longer hear the voice of the deceitful. As you look upon Heaven's Peak, make no mistake that the countless bodies who met their brutal demise were followers of none other than Eusebius himself. He has led many to their deaths and it saddens the heart of Maria Salvatrix, the true leader of Heaven's Peak, to take such violent actions against those who fell for his trap. In the end however, we only see his death as the beginning of our healing. Peace be to Sempiterna and peace be to you all who follow Maria Salvatrix. There is time for mourning, so if need be, mourn now for those who were foolish enough to listen to the lies Eusebius hath ever so told us.

        Never forget always remember, we are your humble servants who only seek to restore this world."

The warriors revoked in disbelief of what had happened. The followers of Maria Salvatrix sought nothing but death and destruction. Though the Diamons also knew that the lies they have told would fool many to follow her. Figmus gave a glance of grief at the sight of the block and came to Eusebius's headless body. He set Barracutus to sit down against the blood-stained block and knelt to Eusebius. Figmus whispered ancient words of blessing and lit a torch. "May the Seven be with you on your mystical journey, and may your spirit transcend for ages to come. While we are forced to leave you, do not leave us. This is your blessing, this is our wish."

Figmus's eyes became watery as he then dropped the torch onto Eusebius's body. The light flashed before his eyes and the heat surrounded his skin. After commemorating his death for a minute, he picked Barracutus up and moved on.

One of the Black followers came to Figmus with an ornate dragon staff in his hands and asked, "I believe this is yours."

"No," Figmus continued, "That belongs to Barracutus, but I will see to it that he receives it. He is but weak now and his life is wearing thin." Figmus grasped the dragon staff and carried it like a cane.

The warriors headed West, and slowly they became used to the smell of rotting flesh. They walked with their heads down in disgust, for all over Heaven's Peak bodies were mutilated. Finally, they reached the Western gates which were held wide open. "We have made it!" They exclaimed in rejoice.

The warriors ran for the gate and looked to their right. There was a dragon carriage all ready for use. The warriors climbed inside and noted that there was nothing of importance except a small letter from Xeterex.

        "I hope this will be of use to you Diamons. Unfortunately, the quickest of the dragons could not be provided, but the Golden Dragons have done the best they could. ~ Xeterex"

Figmus laid Barracutus at the foot of the wagon's entrance and walked out below the gates. He saw two Horridus Dens approaching quickly. As they came close they stated, "You must understand it is a trap! The Svets Deus are only planning to catch you."

"And what have you to show proof?" Figmus asked as he looked back in sorrow toward the wagon.

One of the Horridus Dens pointed to a scar on his abdomen and replied, "It was your surgeon who saved me. I only wish to return the favor. So now, we have come to fight and hold the Svets Deus back for your escape. Please you must believe me!"

Figmus looked up in the eyes of the Horridus Dens who was towering above and said, "I do, and I will fight alongside you. Though I must explain my actions to my group." Figmus ran back into the wagon and declared, "I must stay behind to assure your escape."

Bucefulus shouted, "No! You must not, this could be but another trap. Do you not see it?"

"I cannot see..." Figmus paused as he looked down at Barracutus who was moaning in pain, "That which is not there." Figmus then turned toward Horribleecus and commanded while he handed him a scrolls, "You must take these and read later."

Horribleecus nodded and spoke, "It will be done."

The wagon's room was silent for a while until one Kyanos Diamons asserted, "I have fought by your side in every battle, this one shall be no different. Until the day I die, I will see to it that this holds true."

Quickly another Kyanos Diamon proposed, "I too will join you. We are always at your side. If it be that I die today, then let it be so. There will be no regrets from me."

The three warriors began to head out of the wagon to where the two Horridus Dens took foot when Barracutus weakly whimpered, "Take this Figmus... my Dragon staff."

Figmus got on his knees and held the Dragon staff in his hands for a moment. Then he replied, "I cannot Barracutus. You have spent so much time and work into every detail and surely it is the best of them all, and there is no doubt that you were going to give this to another Diamon to win her heart."

"A weapon is only as good as its user. In the hands of a master, it becomes the most versatile of tools. Therefore, it is the best. However, in my hands it just a normal weapon."

"Still even as you look toward death, you are far too humble Barracutus." Figmus smiled at Barracutus and took the dragon staff. "Do not wait for me my friends; this is where I will stand until the day you return." The three warriors then stood below the gate's arch and waited for the battle. Barracutus looked out the wagon and a tear ran down his cheek as he would see Figmus standing so proudly only to be left behind.


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