All Hail Barracutus *On Hold*

War is ripe for the planet of Sempiterna. For generations the twelve major tribes/species (Unless you believe in the tales of the Wizards who say there are thirteen) have very little knowledge of the meaning of the word "peace". Only recently has the tribe of the Svets Deus brought about an era of peace.
In the meanwhile, Barracutus, a normal Kyanos Diamon, struggles to solve the past about the ancient forefathers of Sempiterna. Though could the knowledge of the ancient forefathers be a bigger mystery than he had originally thought it to be? Read throughout to uncover the history of Sempiterna in the first book of an epic trilogy.

(New chapter released every week)

**Please feel free to comment if you believe I made any mistakes in grammar, spelling, etc. Also any constructive criticism and that stuff would be nice** ** Finally, Story Rating: 13+ (Subtle, some-what descriptive violence)**


16. Chapter 14: A Falling Epoch

“This way Diamons!” ordered the Svets Deus. The Diamons were taken down a dark road and appeared at a dead end. “Take them to their knees and cover their faces.” The Diamons were beat down and taken to their knees, then their faces were wrapped in cloth to shroud their vision. They heard a loud noise and a series of ticks before the protestor again commanded, “Drag them and keep their vision blinded until we reach the prison. Otherwise Maria Salvatrix, daughter of Pheonix Nicon, will not be pleased with us.”

The Diamons were then dragged on their knees. The footsteps of the Svets Deus began to echo as if they had just entered a cave. Again they stopped and heard a similar sounding of ticks as they had before. Their knees crashed down each step as they were being taken down. Barracutus said in his native tongue to Horribleecus, “An execution?”

“I fear much worse, amicus.” Horribleecus replied subtly.

Unexpectedly, one of the Svets Deus understood their language and said in a malicious tone, "You will find out soon enough. We are here, unbind them."

Aggressively, the Svets Deus tore the cloth around the Diamons's faces. The lights in the prison was dim and dark. The prison itself looked like an old mining camp with rigid, uneven walls of rock that jutted out. As the Diamons were taken downward, still deeper into the underground prison, Barracutus looked to the right and saw the oddest looking Black Alien. The Black Alien was mangled and limp with scars running down his rectangular face. As they walked by the Black Alien looked sadly toward the Diamons and faintly said in a dry voice, "Protect and preserve, it would seem my mission has failed under my own command. But they... They are watching."

The leading Svets Deus walked over to the Black Alien's cell and mocked loudly, "Silence yourself you Black Alien! We have no time for your philosophical hopes that will never come to be. You have failed. Are you so proud that you cannot see it yourself?" The Svets Deus stopped for a moment and then spit in the prisoner's face, "Keep in mind, I won't hesitate to slit your throat if that is what it will take for you to obey me and my commands next time."

The Black Alien turned his back and just stared at the wall, which was already dripping with the blood from the last time he disobeyed. Barracutus's eyes widened in concern for the Black Alien but then was quickly forced to continue following the Svets Deus. While the Diamons went further down, more cells were full of Black Aliens, only they were not so abnormal as the last. They only appeared to be thin and starving for a crumb. Not only did the cell keep them contained, but also their spirits were craving for hope.

The Svets Deus reached the end of a hallway and to their left a new cell was open with nothing inside except a dirty rag. "In here... send them in here," ordered the Svets Deus. The Diamons were thrown into the prison and locked in. "I will return to you later once I know exactly what Maria Salvatrix thinks you are worth to us. Don't be surprised if I come back with a sword in hand, Diamons."

The Diamons heard the Svets Deus's footsteps reverberate as he exited the prison. Gradually, out from the seems of the walls in their cell leaked black gas. As they tried to find a way to avoid breathing it in, they were already too late. The Diamons fell and became unconscious within seconds.

Barracutus started to wake up and vaguely saw his feet straight in front of him. Though the ground looked as if it was moving away from him. Still consumed by the gas, he slowly looked up above him and made out two images of Svets Deus dragging him out from his cell. "X..Xeterex?" He thought to himself. Quickly however, he came to the conclusion that it wasn't Xeterex. The Svets Deus dragged him to a room and threw him up on a blood-stained table.

"Here is the Diamon you asked for. Such a shame he be the first to test," remarked one of the two Svets Deus.

Out of the darkness, another Svets Deus emerged with tools in his hands. "You may leave now," he stated. Once they left, the Svets Deus smirked as he began to peirce Barracutus's abdomen. Barracutus grunted and tried to contract in agony, but quickly he became unconscious after the incision was complete.

Barracutus's thoughts flashed before him as he was going under the horrifying procedure. He felt his body arch though he could not understand why. He screamed for what seemed to be forever.

"Barracutus," Hewhay appeard to him and gently said, "I see you have come back."

"I'm afraid not by choice." Barracutus stated still trying to make sense of things.

"Perhaps not, but this time I chose to seek you. I heard your scream for help, and understood what I must do."

Barracutus looked at the shining being and bowed down, "I did not mean to..."

"As I said," Hewhay interrupted, "It is I who sought after you. Are you willing to listen to what I have to say Barracutus?" Barracutus nodded his head and listened, "You may not see it yet, but you will become something greater than anything imaginable. When the time is right, I want you to head to the city that you call 'Fortfarande Vatten' to begin your journey.

Barracutus was stunned at Hewhay's request and mentioned hesitantly, "Fortfarande Vatten!? There is nothing there except the walls which used to protect the greatest city. How can there be any good to me now?"

"You see Barracutus," Hewhay calmly went on, "You are far too meditative to understand that good can come out of evil places. Had it not been for the Seven to understand this concept, then there would be no Sempiterna as you know it today. A journey's beginning starts in the most unexpected places. Do you not yet see it?"

Hewhay waited for Barracutus to respond, "See what?"

"The good that is coming from here... from evil. Here you are, Barracutus. This is your beginning step to reach the starting point of your journey. In your common language, would it not be wise to free yourself from this wretched place? After all, I have chosen you to spread the true power throughout Sempiterna, as it once had been in the past days when I lived among your world."

"I do not believe I am worthy enough as you seem to believe."

"I argue that you are the worthiest to have been placed on Sempiterna. You may never see yourself as I do, but you have a pure heart and a pure mind to do incredible things. Except you believe that a pure soul is most important to bringing peace. There will be times when you will struggle and suffer, but in the end... in the bringing of power to Sempiterna, you will succeed. Do as you will my servant but the life of Sempiterna rests in your hands."

"And what if I don't succeed?" Barracutus asked doubtfully.

"You will. I know it."

Barracutus was taken back to his cell and regained his awareness. Horribleecus said both upset and concerned, "What... what did they do to you?"

Barracutus looked down at his body and saw multiple wounds and incisions still bleeding lightly over his pale blue skin. He looked up at Horribleecus and answered, "It's just some small marks."

"No," Horribleecus responded gravefully as he tried to hold back his emotions, "Your backside... you have long spikes growing in your skin like that of the dragons's spine."

"Hmm," Barracutus thought of a response that would give Horribleecus some encouragement, "Then in that case, just a few abnormalties, my amicus." Barracutus tried to sit up but found that the pain would be too much so he just motioned as if he was only going to stretch.

For days, Barracutus would face the brutal expiraments done to him by the Svets Deus. Only a few more incisions would need to be made for some peculiar reason. However, Barracutus would now have to deal with his new abnormal deformations caused by the Svets Deus with what seemed to be for no apparent reason. As he reached to feel the spines on his back, he noticed that the texture was almost identical to that of his dragon staff. Even Minos stated that he himself could probably never remove what has been done to Barracutus.


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