All Hail Barracutus *On Hold*

War is ripe for the planet of Sempiterna. For generations the twelve major tribes/species (Unless you believe in the tales of the Wizards who say there are thirteen) have very little knowledge of the meaning of the word "peace". Only recently has the tribe of the Svets Deus brought about an era of peace.
In the meanwhile, Barracutus, a normal Kyanos Diamon, struggles to solve the past about the ancient forefathers of Sempiterna. Though could the knowledge of the ancient forefathers be a bigger mystery than he had originally thought it to be? Read throughout to uncover the history of Sempiterna in the first book of an epic trilogy.

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**Please feel free to comment if you believe I made any mistakes in grammar, spelling, etc. Also any constructive criticism and that stuff would be nice** ** Finally, Story Rating: 13+ (Subtle, some-what descriptive violence)**


12. Chapter 10: Preparations

Sparks fell to the ground as the warriors sharpened their blades on the grindstones. Past memories flashed in-front of their eyes because they knew it may very well be their last thoughts here on Sempiterna. Only the fortunate few would yet see another day and even fewer to see the power spread across the world.

Meanwhile, the Kyanos Diamons grouped with the leader of the Blue Dragons, Draconis, a severe, brutal and hardhearted member of the Order of the Dragons. Draconis stared off into the distance and stated without emotion, "It's such a shame. I've known all of these warriors for so long, and now I am forced to watch the Black division march to their death. I assume you understand our situation will most likely match theirs?"

Bucefulus stated with a mock of enthusiasm, "If our destiny were to meet such an end than so be it. Though it seems you have already defeated yourself before you  even began."

"I do not understand how hope can still live within you when..." Draconis turned away and gave a sigh, "When there is nothing to have hope in. Surely you do understand our dilemma, correct?"

Bucefulus walked over and sat next to Draconis, "There is a legend that we Kyanos Diamons are taught since our birth. May I share?"

"I do not see any harm." She remarked with a little spirit.

"Hmm, well it was said to have happened thousands of years ago, but it can still instruct us even today. Before there were settlements and cities, all the tribes, which we come to call them today, were not apart. Instead, they saw themselves as one until conflicts became to emerge. You see... eventually housing would be required to sustain all the inhabitants and supposedly keep order. Though when the first building was erected a very interesting question arose among them. 'Who would claim the building to be their own first?' Despite the fact of how small and simple this question is today, make no mistake this was the first of its kind at once. Greed would come to dominate our forefathers. So began the first split.

The weak were then forced into oppression and the stronger races would be their masters. Surely, how can one justify an act such as this? For because of a small dispute which would become forgotten by many, it would bring so much harm to us. For the longest time, the weak could do nothing in response to being mistreated. Though to say they could do nothing is such a poor choice of words because each day they put their precious hope into a brighter day. It would come, although at a cost but not to who you would think. In time, the stronger races would ask another question. 'Who has the dominant control over all lifeforms?' Since greed already was present in their minds, it was only a matter of time before it grew. So began the second split.

Finally, the third split is what we Kyanos Diamons refer to as the Great Division. By this time hundreds of years were already developed into Sempiterna. It was recorded in the oldest of books that on the 678th year of Sempiterna the great Flaming Miners disappeared from the world. Very little else is known about this race except that they were the only race not to be involved with the three great splits. The Wondrous Seven were no longer on equal grounds by this year. Thus, each tribe could not agree on the religious aspects leading to yet another split. It was then considered and accepted that each race needed to serve one and only of the Seven. However, this split would resolve itself through a world-wide war between all the races."

Draconis questioned immediately, "I fail to understand how to apply this to today's standards. What are you trying to say?"

"Ever since the beginning of time," Bucefulus went on, "The world has only known to solve problems through pain, suffering, and selfish reward. To stop this senseless violence from happening the world needs to see through the darkness. Though to see through the shadows one must open his eyes and find hope."

"And if hope is nowhere to be found?" she asked looking toward Bucefulus.

Figmus interrupted, "Hope is always to be found because hope is the belief in something that has yet to be found or something that may come to be. Often times, the weak are blessed with sight unlike any other because hope has dwelt within them since their creation. But the strong only see what will come because their trust is only in themselves."

Again Draconis asked, "So hope trusts in what? You say the strong trust themselves though you choose not to tell me who the weak trust in."

"Yes, I will admit I chose to do so." Figmus declared smoothly and continued, "I believe that only personal experience will ever teach you the true answer to your question. We should get some rest if at all possible though."


The Diamons and the Blue Dragons, still downcast, went to the Eastern side of Heaven's Wonder where they would rest. They drifted away for a few hours before Xeterex came before the Order of the Dragons. Enthusiastically Xeterex declared, "In the next hour the sword of the dragons will be split. Though never forget that we are Evol's followers, and she will never leave us. So as she will never leave us, we will never leave our brethren and the Diamons to die. I know that there is no light in this time of darkness, and I know that the blood-price to be paid will be excessive. Though make no mistake, we are not alone. We will come to fight another day despite our losses for the present. Eusebius once said to me, 'With the souls of others corrupted and stained in black, we will serve to be their antidote.' Only now do I realize that to serve as their antidote, our blood is required. May the Wondrous Seven be with you and bless you on your paths."

The Order of the Dragons cried aloud as they rose their swords into the air, "And may the Seven be with you on your journey, guide your paths, open up your mind, and lastly give you understanding of the Word!"

Xeterex then added, " It was a pleasure and an honor to serve with you all."


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