I Love You

I wish he knew that I love him. He doesn't see it.


1. Why

I shut my eyes. His words swirled around my head. 

"I finally have found the one. I love her so much." 

They have only been dating a week. A week. I bet she's beautiful. I know it won't last long, he says that about all of his previous girlfriends. They either argue or she uses him or she cheats. I hate it when he's hurt. I hope his new girlfriend treats him right. She doesn't see that she has everything I have to live without. A single tear rolled out of my eye and down my cheek. 

The sun shone into my eyes as I opened them. It was morning. I rolled out of bed and had a shower. I then got changed and grabbed my school bag. The doorbell rang and I answered it, it was Jake. He always walks with me to school. 

"Hey." I said cheerfully. 

"Hey, how's you?" He asks me casually. His blonde hair spiked up, the same way it is every day. His green eyes studying my expression. 

"Good, just so tired. You?" I replied, looking down at the floor. We were walking away from my house. Just a few roads to walk down and then we are at school.

"Good. I'm gonna have to ditch you after this road. I'm gonna meet Ray. Sorry." He told me. I looked at the ground and thought back tears. I swallowed and turned to him, 

"It's fine. I'll just listen to my iPod." I replied. Jake smiled at me and stared at the road ahead. 

"Bye, see you in school!" Jake called over his shoulder as he walked up the road, leaving me behind. I could see a girl running up to him when she saw him. That must be Ray.

I turned away and pulled my iPod out of my bag. I put my headphones on and pressed play. I didn't care what song I listened to. When I finally arrived at school I put my iPod away and walked inside. I walked up to my friends and waved. Fighting back tears. I didn't bother to join in their conversation.

"So, Jake has a new girlfriend. He has had so many girlfriends, I remember that time he asked me out. I said no 'cause his relationships never last. I wonder why . . ." Taylor said, her words drifting off as she watched him walk past, holding Ray's hand. Taylor didn't dare say that she knew I liked him. Me and Taylor have been best friends for ages.

"Ray is a slut. I heard that she had sex with a boy behind a shop." Layla muttered. Informing us of gossip she either makes up or finds out from friends. She casually pushed her light brown hair behind her ears as she winked at a random boy. Maybe he told her . . .

"Layla! You need to stop believing all the shit people tell you!" Taylor hissed at her.

"You do realise people make up crap like that for gullible people like you." I muttered. Layla shot us both evils and wandered off to find some of her friends.

"Layla can get so moody sometimes . . ." Taylor muttered to herself.

"Did you dye your hair blonde again?" I asked her quickly, changing the subject because Jake was walking towards me. Taylor dyes her hair blonde, she is blonde anyway, but it's more of a dirty blonde.

"Hey, Sophie." Jake said.

"Hiya." I replied, turning to look at him.

"I won't be able to walk home with you tonight. Going to see a movie with Ray. Sorry." He turned around and walked off before I could reply. I stood there. Hurt. Feeling as if he had just punched me in the stomach. 

"Yes I did dye my hair blonde again." She muttered. Annoyed that Jake had interupted her.

I turned around to look at her. "He ditched me this morning too. I hate walking alone," I sulked. "I guess he's happy." Taylor saw something was wrong.

"I will walk with you. Anyways, we haven't hung out in ages." Taylor offered. Trying to cheer me up.

"Thanks." I replied, smiling at her.


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