I Love You

I wish he knew that I love him. He doesn't see it.


2. Hurt

Me and Taylor sat in the middle of my room. Surrounded my magasines we bought at the shop on the way home.

"I forgot how much fun cutting up magasines could be." I laughed as I beheaded a celebrity I hated.

"You're not supposed to be beheading celebrities!" Taylor scolded. Her comment made me laugh more. At least this took my mind of Jake.

I picked up a magasine to my right cut out the shoes on the page and passed them to Taylor. We were designing a room. Somewhere in my room is a box full of pages of rooms we have designed. "There. No more beheaded celebs."

"Good." Taylor muttered under her breath and grabbed the glue stick and glued the shoes to the page.

"Is Ray really a slut?" I asked, picking up another magasine and cutting out clothes.

"I dunno. Ask Layla, the queen of gossip," She muttered. "But it's true that she cheated on her last boyfriend." I stared at Taylor with disbelief.

"So she might cheat on Jake?!" I nearly screeched.

"Yup. Anyways, if you're there to make him happy again he might ask you out." Taylor suggested, her curly blonde hair concealing her face.

"I have done that before, we won't be anything more than friends." I sulked. A tear threatened to escape my right eye.

"One day he will notice that you have been there all along and that you two are perfect for each other."

"He won't! I might as well move on." Tears escaped my eyes and I buried my face in my hands.

"Don't cry," Taylor said. Trying her best to comfort me. I wiped my tears away and looked at her. "You have a little mascara smudged around your eyes."

"Thanks." I said getting up to get a tissue.


I woke up early the following morning and got ready for school. The doorbell rang like anyother day and I was surprised.

"Hey, Jake. Aren't you meeting Ray today?" I asked.

"Hey. Na, she wanted to walk with her friends." He muttered as we walked up the road.

"I need to tell you something. Ray cheated on her last boyfriend, so she might cheat on you." I said quickly then looked away, my cheeks burned with embarrassment.

"She didn't cheat on her last boyfriend. He cheated on her." He fumed. So she lied to him too. What a lovely girlfriend. 

"Lie." I whispered. 

"You're just jealous that I'm in a relationship and you're not! You're not a good friend. Just go away and mind your own bloody business." Jake yelled at me and stormed off. I stood there and watched his retreating figure, a single tear fell out of my eye. 

"I'm not jealous. I just don't want you to be hurt." I whispered "It's only 'cause I love you." I pulled my iPod out of my bag and listened to it. 

"Hey, Sophie." Layla greeted. 

"Hiya." I replied weakly, really not in the mood to listen to one of Layla's rants. 

"So, I over heard that Ray is looking forward to breaking Jake's heart. She laughed about how gullible he is that he believed that her boyfriend cheated on her." Layla hissed at me. I watched Layla in shock. What a cow, I really hate Ray. 

"I tried to warn Jake that Ray may cheat on him this morning." I whispered. Looking at the floor while fighting tears. 

"What did he say?" Layla urged me to carry on with the story. 

"He yelled at me, said I was jealous and that I'm not a good friend." I replied, biting the inside of my cheek to stop myself from crying in front of the whole school. 

"He will be so sorry when he finds out you were right," Layla told me in a cheerful tone, then she looked to her left and saw someone wanted her. "I got to go, Daniella needs to talk to me. Most likely about her boyfriend." and Layla was gone. 

I looked around the canteen to find Taylor and saw her walking in. She was late. I walked up to her and told her everything about this morning and what Layla said to me. 

"What a bloody bitch. She's horrible, I don't even know how she has any friends. I bet you she pays them to be her friend." Taylor hissed. I was shocked to hear her swear. Taylor rarely swears. 


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