Love Works in Mysterious Ways

Taylor is a "normal" girl.... Except for the fact that Liam Payne is her brother, Niall is one of her best friends. Her best friend is Sascha, a normal girl, until she moves in with Taylor and her brother when there going through a rough patch. Sascha and Taylor find a little romance, but with who? Is it one of the band members or someone else, maybe a normal guy?


8. chapter 8

Taylor's p.o.v

I wake up to see the nurse doing something to the crap attached to me.

"Oh your awake! How do you feel?" She asks in that overly happy voice.

"Like absolute crap." I say groaning.

"Describe." She says looking at me and I sigh.

"My head is throbbing, and my stomach is really sore." I say. She lifts up my shirt and nods.

"I'm gonna ask you some questions and well you know answer them. " She says while giving me some painkillers. I gladly take them and swallow them before nodding. Signaling for her to start with the questions.

Name? - Nurse

Taylor Michelle Blackburn - T

Where do you live? - N


Any siblings? - N

None- T

Parents- N

Ya mom and dad- T

Is dad abusive and has he raped you?-N

How did you know?- T

She glances at me and gives me a sympathetic look.

"I'll be back, I'm gonna run to the doctor, Liam will be here any minute now so you wont be alone for long." She says and leaves. How in the world does she know about my dad! Wait Liam is coming! Then the memories of yesterday come back! Liam is my brother! I hear the door open, Liam, Niall and 3 other guys walk in along with a girl.

"Hi Liam, Niall.. Others." I say and everyone nods sadly. I hate sadness... It's just to depressing.

"These people are your closest friends.. Harry, Louis, Zayn and Sascha." Liam says and j smile and wave at them except Harry, I just kind of stare at him. He's the one who told me he loves me, awkward. I smile at him and his whole face falls. Louis pats his shoulder comfortingly.

Niall glances at them in confusion them stares at me raising his eyebrow. I laugh a bit, and his eyes brighten.

"So Liam, are you going to continue on with the story?" I ask him, he nods and the lads all get comfortable.

Liam's p.o.v

"Hmm so I'm just gonna skip to the day you came if that's alright?" I ask her, she nods.

"Well.. We were at the airport waiting on your plane to arrive...


"Mumm when is she gonna get here?" I ask mum again, she's probably gonna kill me anytime soon.

"Her plane just landed, so any minute now." She says patiently. I feel kind of anxious, I mean what is this new girl going to be to me? A sister, friend an enemy even? I see people start walking out and a girl walks up to us. She bounces with every step and she's really pretty also, not in the I would date her way, but the way you would describe your best friend.

"Hii I'm Taylor!" She says happily, but I can also tell she's hiding something from us. I don't know what, but I can tell she's had a rough childhood, proabably hard for her to leave her family.

"I'm Liam, your new brother!" I say, just wanting to protect her, love her and be the best brother already. wow strange..

"Hi Liam!!" She says excitedly, she pulls me into a hug and then mum. She very jittery, i guess it was a long plane ride. Or she's excited to see us, or she's always like that.. Who knows.

"Hi new mum!" She says laughing, my mum smiles warmly at her. I can tell she already likes her and soon will love her. We get back home, I show her her room and help her unpack.

*Flashback over*

I look at her, she's thinking as far as I can tell, the way her eyebrows are furrowed and how her eyes are sort of glazed over.

Zayn's P.o.v

I listen to the story, watching Taylor's reactions. She looks so confused, probabaly trying to see if he's telling the truth or not. I would be unsure also. I feel my phone vibrating and I walk out of the room to answer it.

Hello?- Z

Zayn! It's Simon- S

Hey Uncle Si! How's everything?-Z

Well it's ok.. I have some news to tell you boys.- S

Um the others are in the hospital with Taylor, so I'll tell them later.- Z

Ok, well I'm sorry, but your leaving tomorrow.-S

For what?"-Z

Tour, we can't cancel the first concert and you need to be there, so your leaving tomorrow with or without Taylor.-S

What! No, but, well ok I'll tell the boys.-Z

Simon hung up and I sit against the wall, how am I supposed to tell Liam he has to leave his sister in the hospital. She's scheduled to check out in three days, so we have no chance. I groan and walk back in the room.

"Boys I er need to tell you something." I say and everyone starts staring at me. I guess I can say it in front of Taylor, it involves her also.

"Well I just got a call from Simon and he told me that, well, we have to leave tomorrow for tour." I say and they all stare at me. I gulp and wait for there reactions.

"Are you serious?" Liam asks me and I nod, he puts his head in his hands.

"What about me?" Taylor asks in a small voice. I shake my head, I have no idea. She doesn't remember anything, so this is hard. Where is she going to stay, whose going to take care of her, saying she doesn't know where she is and knows nothing.

And that's exactly when our questions are answered.

A/N- I was reading through this again and trying to make it less caroty (I wrote this in like 2012-2012 when we were all carrots don't judge) and I like how I wrote it actually. It's not to bad, go me.

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