Love Works in Mysterious Ways

Taylor is a "normal" girl.... Except for the fact that Liam Payne is her brother, Niall is one of her best friends. Her best friend is Sascha, a normal girl, until she moves in with Taylor and her brother when there going through a rough patch. Sascha and Taylor find a little romance, but with who? Is it one of the band members or someone else, maybe a normal guy?


5. chapter 5

TAYLOR!" I see my dad yell. I back up and start running, but the dark alley doesn't end. I keep runnin and running, I have to get away from him. I feel tears streaming down my face and I push my feet even further. Suddenly a brick wall comes in front of me. Where did it come from?! I stop myself before I run into it and slowly turn around. I see my dad walking slowly towards me with an evil glint in his eye. I whimper and back up. Soon my back is pressed against the brick wall. He comes closer and closer. Soon our noses are touching and I can't help but stare right into his cold, demonized eyes.

"Thought you could run away didn't you?" He asks me an I feel a hard smack on my right cheek, soon followed by the after sting. Then he does the same on my left. Then I feel him sock me in my gut and I barrel over in pain. The pain is so real and it hurts so bad. I feel him kick my shin and I fall and he continues to kick my sides. And then he straddles me and goes for my pants.

"NO NO NO STOP!" I shriek knowing whats coming, his hand closer and closer and-

"TAYLOR WAKE UP!" I hear a familiar voice scream. What in the world?! I'm awake living a nightmare, if I could wake up I would! Suddenly I feel someone shaking me and I blink open my eyes. I see Niall standing in front of me, his eyes worried, scared and confused. I latch myself onto him and don't let go.

"Don't let him get me Niall please!" I say sobbing into his shirt. He sits on the couch I'm on and pulls me into his lap.

"I'll never ever let him get you Taylor." He says soothingly. I look up at hi face. He's confused but he's serious and that comforts me.

"You promise?" I ask him staring right into his eyes. He smiles at me and I feel his hands rubbing my back soothingly.

"I promise." He says and I relax into his arms, I feel his lips touch my hair and I snuggle into his chest.

"Ok." I mumble. He continues stroking my back soothingly. I sigh and look up at him again.

"Who am I protecting you from love?" He asks me still in a soothing voice.

"My dad." I whisper and he immediately tenses.

"He's in jail and will be for a very long time darling. You don't have to worry about him anymore." He says, but his voice is laced with anger. It causes me to start shaking. He apparently notices and starts to soothe me again.

"I'm hungry Niall." I mumble and he laughs a bit.

"Wanna make some food?" He asks, I nod and stand up. I offer him my hand and he takes it. I pull him up and don't let go. I still need someone stable to hold onto. That nightmare shook me up badly. Causing me to remember my.... Scars. I tighten my hold on Niall's hand. I pull him into the kitchen, trying to focus on anything but the scars and the memories behind them. I unconsciously run my finger across the one on my stomach. As I touch it I start shaking, and remember how I got that one, a brutal raping. He had a knife that time. I feel a tear slip down my face.

"Taylor what's wrong." Niall says and he grabs the sides of my face. I've never told anyone about the scars, maybe I could tell the boys.

"I have something to tell you and the others. Just something I need to talk about and not have it bottled up inside of me." I say and glance up at Nialls face. He nods in understanding.

"Ok, we will definitely listen to every word babe." He says. I shiver at his words, they probably don't wanna hear what's going to come out of my mouth. It will haunt them as it does me.

"You probably don't wanna hear it, but anyway let's make some food." I say and he glances at me again. I'm still shaking and tears are still falling, and I need someone to hold onto.

"Let's order some pizza and watch a movie." Niall says and I nod, much better. He grabs the phone and orders some pizza and takes me into the living room.

"Where's Louis and Liam?" I ask since they were here earlier.

"They went out to get food and they wouldn't let me come." He says grumpily. Thank goodness they didnt, or i would have had to wake up alone. I smile at my thoughts and glance at the screen to see which movie he picked out.

"Bambi?" I ask and he nods making me chuckle. Then I groan.

"I always cry during this movie Niall!" I grumble to him and he looks at me amusedly. He starts the movie and when the pizza comes, gets it. We eat pizza and watch the movie and when Bambi's mom dies I cry. I tried not to, but i do anyway. Soon the movies over and I have no idea what to do, and then the door opens. And I remember what I'm going to tell them about.. My scars. My breathing hitches and I glance around panicky.

"Hey Niall! Hows Taylor?" Liam asks walking in, I give him a shaky smile and he smiles back.

"I'm fine." I murmur. I guess.. How am I'm supposed to do this!

"You wanna tell us now?" Niall asks me. I groan mentally, why couldn't he have forgotten! I ignore everything going on in my head and nod.

"Boys! Taylor has something she wants to tell us!" He yells and they come out from the kitchen. They all sit on the couch and I stand in front, shaking, vulnerable and scared.

"Well if I'm going to be living with you boys, I figured I can't keep secrets anymore." I start out shakily. I glance at all of them and there confused yet loving faces. I don't know why but my gaze lands on Harry last. I quickly glance away from him.

"Well. You all know my f-father ab-bused me." I say and they all nod. I pull up my shirt and expose my stomach and the long scar there. They all gasp.

"Taylor do you cut?" Liam asks me worry and fear thick through his voice.

"No.. My father did this one night.... When he was rapeing me. It was brutal. I was cleaning the house and he came home, usually it only happened once a week and I wasn't expecting it. He was pissed at something, probably his work I assume. And he looked at me and grabbed a knife out of the drawer. He came towards me and I honestly thought I was going to die. He kept telling me to shut up or he would cut me. It was all to much at one point, he was being to rough, and I screamed.

I almost lost my life, from so much blood loss." I tell them choking it all put. By now I have tears streaming down my face and they all have horror and anger on there face. I let my shirt fall and pull up my pants leg to show the word worthless carved into my leg. I hear them gasp and I feel myself shaking violently.

"This happened when I actually stood up for myself, he wanted me to know I'm worthless." I say and those two words kept repeating themselves in my head.. I'm worthless, I'm worthless. Because I am, I'm worthless. I feel Liam's strong arms wrap around me.

"Taylor I'm so sorry. Nobody should have to go through that no one." He coos into my ear. It doesn't matter to me, because I'm worthless just a thing there to satisfy his needs. I sob into Liam's chest.

"I'm worthless Liam." I whisper into his ear. And he starts shaking and gasping.

"No Taylor no! Don't ever think like that NEVER!" He says as of saying it louder would get it into my head. He pulls me back and looks into my eyes, and I just look at him. I can tell he knows I believe what the scars on my leg say, and he starts shaking his head no. His eyes cloud with anger and he picks me up and hands me to Harry. He rushes out and I hear a loud bang. Ow....

"Taylor Shh. It's ok.. Shh." Harry says into my ear. Why would he do this to me, nobody cares about me anyway. I push myself away from his chest and get up.

"I'm sorry for bothering you. Just so if you saw you wouldn't wonder. Good night." I tell them and walk to the hallway, but when they can't see me anymore. I sprint to my room and lock the door.

I just need to be alone right now, that's all. I sit on my bed and put my head in my hands, tears falling down my face. "Taylor?" Louis voice sounds from the door. I get up and open the door, smiling sadly at him. He comes inside and holds me while I cry into his shoulder.

Soon the crying wears me out and I fall into a peaceful sleep.

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