Love Works in Mysterious Ways

Taylor is a "normal" girl.... Except for the fact that Liam Payne is her brother, Niall is one of her best friends. Her best friend is Sascha, a normal girl, until she moves in with Taylor and her brother when there going through a rough patch. Sascha and Taylor find a little romance, but with who? Is it one of the band members or someone else, maybe a normal guy?


3. chapter 3

The movie is over and were in the van once again driving back to the hotel. Suddenly a loud ringing on Liam's phone causes everyone to go silent.

"Hello." He says politely.

"This is him.." He says his face changing into confusion. Then it gets worried. He hangs up putting his head in his hands.


"Liam what's wrong?" I ask when a tear slips down his face.

"Taylor.. I'm so sorry, but your biological mum is in the hospital." He tells me and everything slows down. I'm having a panic attack inside and I'm guessing outside because everyone is glancing at me worriedly.

"Taylor?" Liam asks me uncertainly, im guessing he doesn't know if I can answer let alone talk.

"Can we go to the hospital?" I ask in a small defeated voice. Liam's face drops and he nods as does Louis. I sniffle promising myself I'm not gonna cry. We finally arrive at the hospital, the whole car ride silent and tense. I rush inside and see the lady at the front desk.

"Last name?" She asks me.

"Blackburn." I say and she tells me the room number I get in the elevator with the others and we get out and make our way in our room. I see her lying on the bed so fragile looking and everything inside of me breaks. A lone tear slips down my cheek and I stare at her. I walk towards her and see she's asleep.

"Mom, it's me Taylor. I'm sorry and I miss you all the time. Please don't die, I need you. I- I love you." I whisper and more tears find there way down my face. A sob escapes my throat and I let my face go down to the side of the bed and I cry. I hear a knock at the door and see my biological father. I'm terrified, all the things he's done to me, all the pain I went through. All the scars because of him. I shoot up and frantically look around the room, but the boys and Sascha left to give me privacy.

"Hi dad.." I mumble another sob escaping my throat. I start shaking as he comes closer and then he raises his hand... SLAP! My face is throbbing and I start to cry hysterically. He picks me up by my hair and I start screaming.

"SHUT UP YOU WORTHLESS THING!" He screams in my ear causing it to vibrate.

"Please stop." I beg to no use. No one is coming to help me, no one is here for me. No one at all, or so I thought.

Liam bursts though the door and his face is one of pure anger. Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Sascha soon follow and Sascha stars crying immediately.

"Help me.." I say and them I black out.


I wake up to white wall and an annoying beeping sound. Also I hear someone sobbing in the room, I slowly open my eyes and see that Sascha is the one crying.

"Sascha why are you crying and why am I in a hospital?" I ask and her head snaps up. She glances at me ad shrieks happily and hugs me tightly. I laugh at her enthusiasm. Suddenly last nights events come rushing to me.

"Oh.. What happened after I passed out?" I ask her.

"The boys called the nurses and police and got you away from him. He's in jail at the moment and will be forever. Your mom is recovering from the reck. Um you've been asleep for two days and we've been worried sick." She tells me hugging me again. My dad is in jail... Wow never thought it would ever happen. My moms recovering.. THANKYOU so much!

"Seems like everything is ok?" I ask and she smiles at me.

"Everything is fine now! I have to call the boys and tell them your awake!" She says while calling them. I zone out for the call and a nurse comes in to check on me. She gives me a drink and I gulp it down thirstily. Soon after the boys arrive. Theres a chorus of Taylor's and tons of hugging laughing smiling and more hugging. The boys ask the nurse when I can leave soon after that, wanting me back as soon as possible. She lets me leave in about an hour and we make our way back after I checked in on mom. We finally arrive at the hotel.

"Liam." I yawn and he glances at me.

"Ya?" He asks smiling.

"I'm tired, I'm gonna go to bed. Ok?" I ask and he nods. I give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Night Liam." I say on the way to my room.

"Haha It's afternoon, but night Taylor." He says chuckling. I laugh and get in some p.j's and as soon as my head touches the pillow I'm put like a light.

A/N- hi:) thankyou for reading! Please comment and vote, even though the story is finished:)

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