Love Works in Mysterious Ways

Taylor is a "normal" girl.... Except for the fact that Liam Payne is her brother, Niall is one of her best friends. Her best friend is Sascha, a normal girl, until she moves in with Taylor and her brother when there going through a rough patch. Sascha and Taylor find a little romance, but with who? Is it one of the band members or someone else, maybe a normal guy?


11. chapter 11

Taylor's p.o.v

* 2 weeks later *

"Liam!" I scream for the fifth time, he's not paying attention to me. It's quite annoying. He shakes his head chuckling.

"Tay I told you I can't tell you anything." He says, I groan and cross my arms. I groan when I see the hospital in sight, stupid check up. Just so you know I'm not asking Liam about the hospital, I already know about that. I'm asking about afterward! He made me bloody pack for weeks, and won't even tell me where we're going! I get out of the car when he parks it and walk inside. We walk to the desk and the lady does the one second thing with her finger.

"Liam?" A extra curly headed lady asks from behind us. Oh gosh not another fan!

"Dani!" Liam says and hugs her. So he knows her?

"This is Taylor my little sister." Liam says introducing her to me, I wave a bit and she smiles. Well she is quite pretty, she and Liam would be the cutest couple! He glances at her an smiles, oh my gosh. He likes her! I smile hugely and wiggle my eyebrows at Liam, who blushes. Way to make obvious LiLi! She giggles when he blushes, why don't they just admit it!

"So is this your girlfriend LiLi? You sure act like your going out, you keep looking at her that certain way you know? And you Dani ya you act like you like him also!" I say knowing there not going out, they both blush hugely and glance at each other.

"Just go out already!" I say, they blush again. I roll my eyes and turn back to the waiting receptionist. She nods at me, signaling I can talk now.

"Taylor Payne, I um and here for memory/ depression check up thingy-ma-bob." I say, Liam knows what im here for and he's to busy not asking her out.

"Right this way." another nurse says and starts walking.

"LiLi are you coming or are you not going to ask her out the whole time I'm gone? Maybe Dani can come also?" I say, he rolls his eyes at my teasing, asks Dani if she wants to come who does and we finally start to follow the nurse. We walk into some room and she tells us to sit down. We sit in some chairs and wait for another person to walk in. This whole thing is bloody confusing. Finally someone else walks in to start the questions. Suddenly I'm nervous, i don't want Liam and Dani to hear about all of this.

"Um Dani and Liam can you um leave?" I ask sheepishly.

" Actually can they stay, I have to ask Liam some questions also." The doctor asks I nod nervously. I don't want Liam to hear about my life, I know he knows about my dad but he doesn't know anything else.

Taylor, so your father raped and abuse you. - D

Yes. -T

How do you feel about that, an how did you? - D

Scared, Helpless, confused, worthless. - T

Tell me why you felt all of these. - D

Scared, because it usually happened once a week, but I never knew what day. Helpless, because m-my mum knew he did it but her and no one else would help me, but she hated he did it to me I promise but he sometimes did it to her also. Confused, because I don't understand why he would do that to me and mum, I just don't know what I did. Worthless, because he told me I was ever day countless times a day, he even carved it into me so if never forget. - T

I'm sorry Taylor. Your not worthless though remember that. Your very strong for staying here through all of that. Now what do you remember.

Everything. - T

Good. I think we're done here, Liam here's the medicine, goodbye Taylor. - D

We walk off, me being in front saying I'm crying like a baby. I hate reliving that stuff, it's awful. I get in the seat and watch Liam get Dani's number. Aww how cute! I sniffle and dry my tears before Liam gets back in, he looks at me worriedly. I smile at him and he starts driving. After a whole of me looking out the widow in pure boredom and Liam refusing to concentrate on anything but the road, he pulls into a ice cream shop drive through.

"Ice Cream!!?" I ask excitedly, he laughs and nods. We get to the box thing where the magical voice floats through and asks you what you would like.

"Strawberrryyyyyy!!" I squeal he laughs and gets me some, him not getting any because he's driving. We get to the window where they finally give you the ice cream and at this point I'm bouncing in my seat. He gets it and takes a bite of my ice cream! I glare at him until he gives it back. He drives again after paying and I'm happy and content.

* 2 hours later *

Liam pokes me and I look up from my phone, I had been texting Harry and was fully concentrated. He wasn't making any sense whatsoever. I look up and gasp at what's in front of me.

"Oh my gosh!" I squeal, I had been wanting to do this since forever.he chuckles and I hug him tightly.

A/N- oh my gosh. My old AN about this was me barking at people when I got mad. I was so weird, I regret every decision I made when I was younger.

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