Love Works in Mysterious Ways

Taylor is a "normal" girl.... Except for the fact that Liam Payne is her brother, Niall is one of her best friends. Her best friend is Sascha, a normal girl, until she moves in with Taylor and her brother when there going through a rough patch. Sascha and Taylor find a little romance, but with who? Is it one of the band members or someone else, maybe a normal guy?


10. chapter 10

Taylor's P.o.v

I open my eyes and see my mum sleeping peacefully, and a nurse checking the stuff again.

"Hi. Can Ieave now?" I ask in my morning voice, she simply shakes her head causing me I groan.

"Two more days." My mum says, I guess she woke up. Well duh she woke up, but ya. Then Liam and the others walk in. They all look terribly sad, oh ya there going back on tour today. At least I'm being left with mum. I grin at them and there stare at me sadly. I know a way to perk up there moods!

"Hey guys I have good news!" I say, Liam sits in the chair beside me the others crowed around my bed.

"I remembered something else, a memory!" I say, immediately grins break all over there faces.

"That's great! But we're leaving today." Liam says, I nod.

"But you'll be back and who knows I might have all my memory back at that time. This is going to he good for me, I promise. I can just relax and hopefully gain all my memory back." I say, they all nod causing a smile to break on my face.

"Li we have a couple of minutes to say bye." Zayn says sadly. Only a couple of minutes, well poo. I sit up and wrap my arms around Liam, I'm definitely going to miss him the most. He hugs me back.

"Bye LiLi I'm going to miss you." I say he smiles and hugs me again. I do this to everyone before there walking out the door. I turn to mum, who is watching them also.

"Two more days, before we can leave." I say, she laughs and nods.

*2 Days Later*

I stand at the desk excitedly, I'm leaving today! Leaving this awful, cramping, nauseating place they call a hospital. Over the two days I have remembered two more things, but the best thing is I remember who Liam is.

"Here's the medicine subscription for when her memories come in dreams. And here's the one for her depression." The doctor says, I roll my eyes. Depression seriously? Whatever we walk out the door, the sunlight almost blinding me.

"I'm free!" I say spinning in circles, I hear mum laughing and run to the familiar car. I jump in the passenger seat and mum gets in, starts the car and we drive home. We get home and I simply stare at it, this place has so many memories... That I don't remember. I finally stop staring and walk in, then walk around till I find the living room.

"Welcome home Taylor!" A bunch of people scream and I almost scream. Liam is there with the others and some people I don't know, a big grin makes way on my face. There's a big banner hanging from the ceiling, and a big cake. They did all this for me?

"Liam!" I say and run right into his arms, hugging him so tight I think he couldn't breathe for a while.

"I remember you." I whisper in his ear, and look at his face. He has the biggest smile on his face and I mirror it. He picks me up and spins me in a circle making me giggle and laugh. He puts me down and just smiles. I pull away hugging everyone else and learning some people's names.

"Taylor! Guess who made the cake?" Mum says from behind me, I spin around to see it. Its purple and teal, my favorite colors and has 'Welcome Home Taylor' written on it. Theres some flowers on it, it's gorgeous. I stare at it thinking. Who is a good baker... Harry!


"Tayyylorrrr! Come and help me bake this stupid cake!" Harry yells from the kitchen, I laughs and join him. We make the prettiest cake, for Sascha's birthday. She's going to love it!

*Memory over*

I gasp, my head doesn't hurt! I smile widely and turn to my mum.

"Mum I just remembered something and my head doesn't hurt oh and.. I think Harry made it?" I ask, she laughs and nods.

"That's great and your right!" She says her eyes shining with happiness.

"It looks yummy! Can we eat it?" I ask laughing, Harry grabs a knife and walks towards the cake. He smiles at me, then cuts some slices. He puts a slice for me on a plate, I smile and take my plate. I sit by Liam, laughing at old things we can talk about now. Because I remember. He's a lot happier now, his smile deeper, his eyes twinkling a lot more, his posture straighter and not so dropped with sadness, his voice not sounding like he's gonna break into tears anymore. All because I remember him.

A/N- all I can do is cringe cringe cringe.

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