Love Works in Mysterious Ways

Taylor is a "normal" girl.... Except for the fact that Liam Payne is her brother, Niall is one of her best friends. Her best friend is Sascha, a normal girl, until she moves in with Taylor and her brother when there going through a rough patch. Sascha and Taylor find a little romance, but with who? Is it one of the band members or someone else, maybe a normal guy?


12. 12

Taylor's P.O.V

I stared at the beach house in front of me, the waves in the background and the lack of people or fans everywhere. We were alone, well if you count me and the boys alone. I jumped and hugged him as tightly as possible.

"I remember you told me you wanted to have a beach house to get away from the drama. So here you go... Happy Early Birthday!" He says watching my reaction. He got me a beach house for my birthday! I start jumping up and down squealing.

"Wait my birthdays in 2 weeks Li." I say and he nods.

"Were staying here for 2 weeks!" I ask and he nods again I do a happy dance and grab my suitcases. We walk In, it's already decked out in furniture, most likely food and the boys are sprawled everywhere.

"Heyy!!" I say running in. They all look up and greet me themselves. I walk upstairs and look through the rooms, I get to the last one and gasp. There's a huge window overlooking the most amazing view I've ever seen. There's a bed with four posts up and a sheer brown thing hanging over it. There's a desk and closet, and no electronics. We're getting to be away from everyone else but us for 2 weeks. No outside world, just us. I unpack and run downstairs in my blue bathing suit and coverup.

"Who wants to go to the beach with me?" I ask, everyone raises there hand. I smile and they rush upstairs to get the suits on. They all file downstairs and we walk to the beach. I take off my cover up exposing my one piece, I'm not comfortable showing my scar still. I shake head from those thoughts, I mean I'm a beach house! I run into the water and gasp at its coldness( I don't care if the water is suppose to be cold or not or if nothin makes sense. They are at a beach house and the water is cold.) I run deeper freezing my bones off, chills bumps seen all over my skin. I feel someone warm wrap there arms around my waist and pick me up, I turn my head and see Harry.

"Harry put me down!" I say squealing and laughing. He laughs but shakes his head, his curls flying everywhere. I laugh and move them so he can see again, he laughs and and suddenly I'm being thrown. The cold water hits me like an electric current and I shriek under water, only resulting in getting the salty water in my mouth. I come back up gasping for air and choir hung from the water.

"Your dead Styles." I say and growl, he raises an eyebrow and I jump in him. We both fall under water, probably not the smartest thing ever but hey. I came back up about the same time as he did laughing. His curly hair was dripping, hanging around his face and he still looked bloody hot. I mentally face palm myself... Seriously hot? Well he is pretty hot, as are the other guys. Well I am hanging out with some good looking guys, except Liam, he's my brother... I mean eww! ( saying Liam isn't my brother... Geez that boy is fine!;) as are the others. Just putting that out there) I gulp and try to go back to the bantering we were doing earlier but Harry sensed my mood change. Bloody crap, I stare at him lost in his eyes. Geez they are green... Gosh why does he have to have my favorite color of eyes. He walks up to me. dear Lord this boy is going to be the death of me. He's perfect. He smiles at me and takes a step closer, I just stand there at this point I'm not capable of moving. He steps closer, closer and our noses are almost touching. He reaches up brushing his fingers lightly across my cheek, my breath catches in my throat. And that's when Louis saves me, by tackling Harry. He falls down knocking me down with him, wrapping his arms around me protectively. I get up and run after a running Louis.

"Louis I'm going to kill you. The water is freezing!" I scream after him, he just laughs. The he randomly stops and I run right into him, ending up in falling down again but backwards this time. That guy is a rock, unfair. I stand up rubbing my head where it hit his back and glare at him. I look in front of him and see nothing, just water and sand.

"Err Louis are you alright, what are you staring at?" I ask he turns around slowly his eyes wide and disbelieving.

"Were you and Harry having a moment?" He asks. Oh fudge, crap, poo.

"No.." I lie but it comes out more as a question than a statement. He grins and I groan. Cue endless teasing, lots of blushes and a bunch of get in there's! These boys and there perverted minds, Harry being none as the one who gets the most in bed helps none.

"Yes you were!!! Do you likeeee him?" He asks childishly. I blush and turn around walking towards Niall.

"Don't avoid the question Taylor!" Louis tells after me, I hear splashing and suddenly I'm being tackled. I come up and stare at him, did he just tackle me? Mental! I scream and start running away from Louis, he does a jungle yell and runs after me.

"Louis is mental. Someone please save me! Niall!" I scream running towards Niall, he looks up from whatever he's doing and his eyes widen. Soon he's up and running also, no Niall don't run! Help me!

"No Niall help me don't run" I scream after him, I keep running and trip over Zayn. He wakes up looking at me, I'm screaming and clutching onto him. He looks up, Louis is running towards us with an evil smile on his face.

"Save me Zayn!" I say and clutch even tighter to him. He stares at me the Louis.

"Run Taylor run, I'll hold him off!" He says, I nod and start running again. I turn around in time to see Zayn jumping on Louis back, which takes him by surprise. They both fall down, Zayn sits on Louis chest giving me a thumbs up. I laugh and fist pump.

"Erm Taylor why is Zayn sitting on Louis, why is Niall crying holding onto Harry and why are you do excited about all of the above?" Liam appears being Daddy Direction. I look around and Niall is clutching onto Harry's leg, it looks like he's crying but he's probably not. Harry is trying to shake him off but it's not working, I burst into laughter at the sight.

"Well Louis was chasing me, I screamed at Niall to help, he screamed and ran, I kept running, tripped over Zayn, he woke up, he helped me by jumping on Louis's back and they fell then he sat on him. And that's how it happened." I explain in one big breath, happy about my victory.

"Why was Louis chasing you in the first place?" He asks, my eyes widen.

"Taylor has a crush on Harry, and Harry has a crush on Taylor!" Louis yells and my breathing stops. Louis just told my brother I have a crush on one of his best friends and bandmate. Crap.

A/N- can school be over yet? Or can I just like become famous so I don't have to go to school.

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