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hello my name is Lillyan Marie love and this is my first one direction fanfiction so please be nice thank you.
this story is about a girl named marina she has won the one direction concert tickets another harry styles fanfiction yes yes i know they are all the same but this one is different i promise you will love it! ps: this story is ment for teens not kids

sincerly, Lillyan Marie love


1. up all night with one direction

harry: so marina you seem so jittery whys that?

marina: your kidding right?


marina: haha.. okay well okay let me explain, today i got to go to a concert,meet one direction, i am in a car with harry style on our way to your hotel to hang out, and todays my birthday. is that good?


marina: haha... thanks so where are you guys staying at?

harry: this hotel called they hyatt,its cool we have never stayed at it before to we decided to.

marina: thats so cool! my mom works there.

harry:well we are here now

**harry gets out of car and helps marina out**

marina: thank you, such manners

harry: why your welcome ms my pleasure of helping you

**marina and harry crack up really hard**

**harry grabs marina and puts her on his back and runs to the hotel room**

marina: harry put me down!!!

harry: not intell we get there! 

** marina wiggleing in harrys arms**

**harry comes to a stop and puts marina down**

harry: we are here was that so bad?

marina: yes you ran through a hotel lobby with me on you! 

harry: opps... sorry forgot about the other people

marinas thinking: did he really just say that or am i dreaming!

marina: .....

harry: the boys should be hear soon we did leave them i ditched louis he normally rides with me in my car he will be mad but i dont care it was fun having someone new to talk to other than him. so what would you like to do?

marina: what is there to do?

harry: well we could watch a movie, go swimming, go to the game room, talk.

marina: haha.. i like the last one so how bout this we talk and watch a movie

harry: sure what do you wanna watch?

marina: umm... your favorite movie!

harry: my real favorite movie or the one i say is? 

marina: your real favorite movie, Love Actually right?

harry: yes indeed haha, your lucky i carry that movie with me cuz i love it so much!

marina: haha i dont know if i would would do that

harry: be right back make your self feel at home have a seat

**marina sits on sofa and waits for harry to come back**

harry thinking:wow she knows my favorite movie, well then again lots of fans do.

**harry gos back to the front room**

harry: hey i got the movie 

marina: yey!

harry: haha okay okay lets watch and talk.

**harry puts dvd in and sits next to marina**

marina: okay harry want to ask me any questions? since i know much about you.

harry: haha...okay whats your favorite  color, and why?

**marina blushes**

marina: my favorite color is green, because its the color of your eyes...

**marina looks down and blushes more**

knock knock louis yelled.

ahhhh! marina screamed back also harry yelled louis! sorry! are you okay marina? yeah i am. well you fell off the couch. oh haha im still fine she said getting up. okay well the boys are here so we are all going to naills room louis said.lets go harry yelled grabing marina by the wrist and running to nialls room.SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BIRTHDAY GIRL! harry yelled. HAPPY BIRHTDAY MARINA!all of the boys said happily. so what do you guys want to do? louis shouted truth or dare! harry said no! marina said yey! haha looks like the girl wants to hazza. alright ,alright since louis came up with it you go first truth or dare? DARE of cousre okay we dare you to lickthe floor lou licked it and said hazza your turn i dare you to... before he could finish harry grabed marina to another room and kissed her! *marinas head* why did he do this and oh my god! *harrys head*  finally this is all i have wanted to do since i met her but now i must tell her how i feel about later. harry pulled even though they both wanted to keep going. why did... shh harry said i did not want your first kiss to be infront of 4 boys how did you know it was my first kiss? well because of the sparkle in your eyes and that lovely smile of yours, marina blushed more harry grabed her hand kissed her forehead and said lets go. as they walked back into view of the boys the shouted "go hazza"! and louis said no i dare you to kiss her infront of us since you did it over there! he gave her those sorry eyes and kissed her. well no i dont think i want to do truth or dare anymore. why is hazza not a good kisser! no no no he is it just i do not wish to lick anything or do anything disgusting, im tired what time is it? 2am OH DEAR LORD! dont panick your borther thinks your are at a friend, oh thank you now were shall i sleep! well hazza can sleep on the couch and you can sleep in his bed? no i will sleep on the couch and ran to it and pretended to sleep. harry grabed her as she screamed put me down but he did no such thing till he reached his bed and put her down there and started to leave,but marina said harry come here yes you can sleep here the bed is big anuff and you will hurt your back on the couch. no its f.. no she said and patted the spot near her. he lay down;said your the best marina and hugged her.


tell me what you guys think commit below and tell me your favorite part. the next chapter will be called "feelings for you"

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