the question

hello my name is Lillyan Marie love and this is my first one direction fanfiction so please be nice thank you.
this story is about a girl named marina she has won the one direction concert tickets another harry styles fanfiction yes yes i know they are all the same but this one is different i promise you will love it! ps: this story is ment for teens not kids

sincerly, Lillyan Marie love


3. the date

could this be any better marina thought to herself while holding harrys hand. i wonder why harry smileing so much?

harrys pov: ahh yes this is perfect i got out of my seat and said marina? yes she said with happy eyes will you go on a date with me?! she jumped up and hugged me and said of course witch made me hug her.i said ok tonight dont stress about what to wear just normal cloths. okay she said but are you sure you want to be seen out with a 15 year old girl? wow i just found out her age! it doesnt matter i said i dont care about age as long as its with you.

awww the boys said witch made marina and harry jump. what are you guys doing i thought you left! harry said well we did then we relized we left without you so we came back. oh is all they could say well get a move on you guys we got to go to this sighning save your lovey dovey stuff for tonight on your date louis said okay okay they said walking into the room getting redy quickly. umm...sorry about that marina. its fine im just happy you dont care about my age. aww you guys come on we got to go save that stuff for later niall said. marina said oh so im coming with? yeah of course you can either sit next to hazza or sit in the back room and wait. oh well it seems more fun to sit with you guys. haha yeah...duhhh louis said now lets go!

(at the sighning)

okay marina there is going to be lots of people so if you just stay with us you will be fine and wont pass out since you are claustrophobic. okay thats sounds okay i think my breathing is getting a little faster , could i please have a water bottle? of cousre! water please! okay the signing starts now, paul said. take your seats. when they started girls ran up to harry and marina right away and asked , IS SHE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!?!? umm.....i dont think i am aloud to answer that he said and then they looked at her and said CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH! uhh...sure marina said taking the paper and they said thank you and we hope you are together forever! and walked away. aww...are you blushing marina harry said maybe! maybe not!

(later leaving for date)

you ready marina? yes i am marina said walking out of the room. harry was dazzled and had to take a relook wow! harry said making the w sound longer at the end, all she could do is blush and looked down he grabed her chin to make her look in his eyes your so beautiful  marina witch made her blush even more and she hugged him okay put this on. what is this a blind fold!? yeah the date is in a secret location and i want to surprise you. okay marina said putting the blind fold on.*harry lead marina to the secret location* ok take the blind fold off, oh my gosh! this so....beautiful harry finished yes but not as much as you, aww harry you dont have to say that. no i do now come follow me as the went deeper into the forest there was a candle lit picnic harry sat marina down and said what do you think marina had no words to say all she could do is hug him tight now that we are sitting down i would like to ask you somthing marina will you be my girlfriend? YES! she said huging him he lifted her head up and said we can do this now and he kissed her it felt as it was forever but marina felt like it was going to far when harry tried taking her shirt off she. no, no ,no harry i dont.......its fine he said stoping sorry i...harry im just not ready yet okay it doesn't mean i dont want that to happen just not yet. okay marina its fine harry said. harry marina said it does not mean we cant do this she said kissing him again.

________________________________________________________________________________okay you guys when i was looking it said i have 52 readers! i love it keep reading its about to get even better ps: , mature parts will be coming. next chapter will be called "its official!" sorry its short.

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