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hello my name is Lillyan Marie love and this is my first one direction fanfiction so please be nice thank you.
this story is about a girl named marina she has won the one direction concert tickets another harry styles fanfiction yes yes i know they are all the same but this one is different i promise you will love it! ps: this story is ment for teens not kids

sincerly, Lillyan Marie love


4. its official

when me and harry got up he wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked back to the hotel room. hey they are back! louis yelled. soooo how was it!? i smiled and said the most amazing date ever!well i have to say that since its my first but it still was and will never be topped! how about you harry i will admit this has been the best one by far. great sooo..... are you guys going out now? louis and niall said. yes me and harry both said at the same time i blushed and he hugged be tighter with his left arm. we are going to bed harry yelled while walking away with me. ohh..someones getting action! zayn yelled. NO! harry yelled. just sleep! aww alright so if i here a scream i know your lieing! harry just looked at me and said sorry marina i have done things in the past but lets not go there lets stay here where its just me and you okay your the best thing that has happened to me i hope this is not too soon but i love you. aww....i love too harry its not too soon at all! your just as much mauybe even more. so since louis,niall, and zayn know exspect liam to know too  he just gos to bed early. oh. so marina what will we tell the people i shall say you now the pres,fans and so on? i dont know what do you want to do? i think we should just see if we get asked by the pres and fans we will then that sound good? yeah it sure does now im off to bed im tired! okay im coming with.

(next day around lunch time)

so marina do you want to go out to get some lunch? yeah sure but i think my brother will be worried about me since i have been gone for a couple of days and i havent herd from my parents yet its kind of strange. let me give them a call and then i will be right out. okay we will wait for in the main room. okay.

phone call

marina: hey mom is everything thing allright?

marinas mom: yes why? wait is it because we havent called you if so the reson why is because we've been tied up your grandpa passed away so we went straight to texas to help the family.

marina: oh i understand so how long will you be gone?

marinas mom: maybe for about another week.

marina: oh okay i guess i will see you then, love you bye

marinas mom: love you too marina bye

*marina walks out of the room* hey guys sorry that took a while i just found out my grandpa died. aww its okay they all said coming up to me giving me a hug. they all walked out the room and harry waited for me grabed my hand and said lets go. we walked to the closet restaurant and right away we were mobed by fans, and i got pushed away just like that almost fell to the ground if it wasn't for harry who caught me. you okay love! yeah. are you sure? yes i am. no i going to fix it! he said pulling me in to kiss me! and right away cameras clicked and flashes went off every girl was screaming and saying aww....hazza has a girlfriend! as everything was settled we sat inside and ate harry just held my head the whole time. *ring ring ring* who could be calling we are off for the next week! harry said i dont know louis said answer it haz okay he said and dropt my hand and said hello? hi is this harry styles? yes this is him we would like to interveiw you tomorrow? i dont think me and the boys want to do one we have our off,no,no! not for you and the boys! you and marina?! oh well let me ask her, hold on. marina would you like to do an interview tomorrow with me? umm..sure. okay sound good he said to the person on the phone. alright we will see you and marina tomorrrow  at 9am have a good day. okay bye. harry what was that well as you can tell me and marina are going to a interview tomorrow i don't know what for but i got an idea they are probably going to ask about me and marina tomorrow so be ready  for lots of questions about yourself marina. okay i will thanks for taking me out for lunch wiht you guys. oh your welcome marina yeah we loved spending time with you the boys chimed.

(next day 8:15am)

wake up marina harry said getting me up *marina yawns* good morning haha good morning babe he said while kissing my neck going up to my lips. witch made me tingle he laughed knowing this and said okay i will quit playing with you get ready we need to leave by 8:45. okay i said getting up and heading to the shower as i got out i chose a purple shirt that said hello;) and a pair of short shorts with toms. looked in the mirror and thought why me honey colored  hair, hazel eyes, and 125pounds said inside my head out of all the girls that like him.when we left i just stared at him till he stop talking and said marina are you okay? huh oh yeah i am just a little scared. dont be i will be holding your hand and i will do most of the talking for you babe. okay harry thank you.

(at interview)

hey harry you and marina ready? yeah okay this interview  will be starting in 5 mins. okay we will be ready then.harry could feel me shaking and squeezed my hand saying its allright marina what i heard what was going on stage hey guys this is the ellen show and are you ready to have harry styles and his girl marina! and the crowed roared and wmyb started playing as we walked out hand in hand and you could hear girls screaming. haha its nice to see you again harry and its nice to meet you marina sit sit we all sat down and ellen said so lets get to business whats this of you two here and a picture of me and harry kissing the day we went to lunch , i blushed really hard harry said well i would have to explain the whole story in order for you to understand so lets start at day 1 when she the contest is when we all picked her out and i just fell inlove  day 2 when we met her on her her birthday i got to meet her and when we barley got to talk paul came and said she had too leave so asked her how if she wanted to hang out with us and she said yes we stayed up late that night and played truth or dare and things got really fun but when it was my turn i could read louis mind and i took marina out of the room and kissed her and it was my first kiss i added and the crowd went aww then i relized i had to tell her how i felt so i planed on telling her the next day , day  3 harry explained how he felt for me and i was speechless but he knew how i felt after that and i wouldn't let him say we were a thing yet he had to ask me i thought he would just ask me but instead he asked me on a date witch was so great it was a picnic in a forest and thats where he asked me to be his girlfriend so of course i had to say yes. then that leads to yesterday with that picture she got pushed out of the way and almost fell but i caught her and i felt bad and kissed her and thats that. oh wow ellen said so as many are probably asking you, are you two are official?! yes we are we both and harry added i hope it last for a long time too and we herd awws again well you guys you herd it here marina and harry styles are a couple! thanks for watching the show stay tuned for little mix paforming "wings"! 

________________________________________________________________________________thanks for reading and keep on doing so i hope you like it so far, thank you so much we will be skipping a couple days a head in the story so the next chapter will be "harrys birthday" :) 

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