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hello my name is Lillyan Marie love and this is my first one direction fanfiction so please be nice thank you.
this story is about a girl named marina she has won the one direction concert tickets another harry styles fanfiction yes yes i know they are all the same but this one is different i promise you will love it! ps: this story is ment for teens not kids

sincerly, Lillyan Marie love


9. i didn't know you could sing!

we both woke up the next morning still a bit tired today was going to be a very quick day the boys will be singing for L.A. tonight and i will get to be backstage watching the hole thing i was happy i could support them and you know be there. i went to go take a shower and i just couldn't help it my alarm was moments and it did play for a little but i wanted to keep the song going so i started singing  moments.

harrys pov: i was sitting in bed reading my goodmorning tweets from the fans and said what the heck why don't i reply to a couple of them @katt_malik123 "good morning harry how you doing?" i replyed back @katt_malik123 good morning, im doing fine how bout you? another girl tweeted me @ilove_marrystyles " hey hazza can't wait to see you guys tonight! i responded @ilovs_marrystyles i like the end of you twitter name, and cool what seat and row do you have? she replyed instently @ilove_marrystyles "oh my gosh thanx for  replying,and i thought you would , also its row 124a seat 2 i know its far away:( i replyed back @ilove_marrystyles aww what a shame how about this if you spot @marina_lovesyou12 tonight we will upgrade your seats and you will get passes to see us. @ilove_marrystyles "oh my gosh harry that would be so great! thank you so much and i will keep an eye out :D! i logged off and said there maybe niall will like her. i was walking to the living room when i noticed a lovely voice coming out of the shower, was this really marina! she sounded so good i could help but get closer then i herd stop and turn the water off i ran to the room and waited for her she walked in closed the door turned around and what are you doing in!? i just wanted to say, I DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD SING! she blushed and said no i cant uhh yes you can marina you are really good! she blushed more and said so now your ease dropping on me? no i was just walking past the bathroom and i herd you singing. oh well can i change im not stoping you i said giving her a grin she frowned and said harry i just want to change. i said i wasn't stopping you babe. yeah but with you in here.... what am i to tempting? i gave a wide smile and went closer to her she backed away i slipped closer to to her trapping her in the corner and i wrapped my hands around her wasit she shivered and i pushed our bodys closer i kissed her gentally and backed away she frowned and said see you leave me half way in the kiss! i laugh and say well get dressed im getting to sing to or maneger and see if you can sing as an opening act! she looked shocked/horrorfied i took her face and kissed while saying marina get dressed you dropped your towel she blushed and picked it up and i walked out the room waiting for her.

marina's pov: i blushed i could tell i dropped my towel i quickly picked it up and he left i was scared of what was going to happen next.

harry's pov: i decided i am going to take her tomorrow to sing to our maneger then maybe she will be able to go on tour with us with out it be such be a big secret to the fans, cause right now they think she is just visiting me. she walked out in a laced shirt that said "why be normal?!" with a black skirt and toms she stood out from most people she got me back to what she was saying huh what i said blankly harry she said  with a little frustation sorry i said what did you say? what i said was when is the concert and when do i sing? oh the concert starts at 5pm and tomorrow. well we should leave if you want to get to rehursel on time. oh yeah lets go i said rushing out the door.

* at rehursel* 

and live while were young zayn sang at the end of the song i ran to marina she handed me my water bottle and said wow making the w sound pop i just laughed and said haha this time you will be sitting back stage instead infront of us. yeah you know this all seams like a dream and i am just waiting to woken up by alarm clock. me to i said, we got interupted. boys! come on and get ready the concert is starting in 30 mins. i took marina's hand and ran us into my dressing room and shut the door. so i said what should i wear tonight? pointing towards my cloths on the rack. she smiled and went to it and said hmm... i think you should wear something different since im dressing you and she went to my after cloths and said wear this my hipsta please shirt with my black jeans i smiled and okay and quickly changed into it she smiled and harry your so awesome. why? well because you just know what makes me happy just like that i laughed well i have to so i can keep you happy i came closer to her and said marina i love you, i love too harry we kissed. i almost forgot about the twitter girl till i got a dm message from her i cant wait for the concert harry. i then told marina what we are going to do. okay so what we i need you to do is go to the drums i will be with you and we will try playing it cause i told a fan if she could spot you she will come back stage. oh well ok i will but why you be so nice? because i feel like maybe niall is depressed i dont know why it just seems like that since everyone but him has a girlfriend. oh she said ok i will and we herd the people start coming in.

* at concert *

me and marina started running to the drums and we started playing/trying the drums the crowed went wild i laughed and put my mic on and said you guys like us drumming?! they screamed in reply we laughed marina grabed my mic and said hey people its me marina hows the drumming sound? girls screamed good!! she smiled and said great well i think i will let the boys start the concert see ya later she kissed me then ran off-stage she left me smiling we sung till we got to the twitter questions. from @ilove_marrystyles harry i got the picture of marina now can i come back stage after the concert? i smiled and said yeah of course. i couldn't wait to get her and niall together i just felt like it would be a good idea ya know what i mean?

marinas pov: it was fun being on stage with the boys maybe becomeing the act before them would be a good thing i could spend more time with harry and it could make my dreams come true. later i herd liam read a question from @iove_marrystyles it said if she could come back stage after the show now okay now i am caught up he found a girl for niall okay well i am going to follow this girl on harrys and my twitter make her happy. later i got a dm from her that said thank you so much for following me! your amazing cant wait to meet u. i wrote back ahaha, ur welcome and cant wait to meet u 2. one little question i sent she messaged back what? do u like niall? YES she said okay cool see ya l8er :) the concert was over and harry ran to me and kissed me i laughed and said what was that for? oh nothing just the fact this was a really good concert and you are now my goodluck charm for them. i smiled and hugged him he hugged back and said now i cant wait for that girl to come for niall. me too niall came and said i herd my name whats up? nothing we both said quickly allright come on then the fans are backstage.


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