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hello my name is Lillyan Marie love and this is my first one direction fanfiction so please be nice thank you.
this story is about a girl named marina she has won the one direction concert tickets another harry styles fanfiction yes yes i know they are all the same but this one is different i promise you will love it! ps: this story is ment for teens not kids

sincerly, Lillyan Marie love


7. how could you!

i woke up to harry's phone ringing, who could that be its 6 am in the morning! he wasn't getting up so i answered it myself.

phone conversation:

marina: hello?

mystery caller: hi is harry there?

marina: no he's sleeping, may i ask who is calling?

mystery caller: oh sorry this is jessica.

marina: oh, umm... 

jessica: yeah when harry wakes up can you please tell him to call me. me and him have some unfinished business.

marina: im not sure that would be a good idea.

jessica: why is harry still in america messing around with that ugly girl, you do know that i am his girlfriend right, wait! why are you in harrys room! are you that girl!

marina: yes i am and he wouldn't just be messing with me, me and him are dating! goodbye!

all i could think about is why! is harry really cheating on that girl with me i couldn't take it any longer i stood up and bumped into harry. he looked at me with worry eyes and asked whats wrong who was that on the phone? jessica ! i yelled running out the room and down the stairs i didn't waist my time waiting for the stairs i could hear his footsteps and him yelling wait marina, let me explain! when i was running i slipped and fell i went tumbleing down down the stairs everything went black after that the only thing i remember is harry crying and the ambulance sounds, was my life over from just that one step? flashbacks started coming from when i was a little kid and me and my brother were playing in the back yard from that to me and my best friend prank calling to me and harry meeting to having my first kiss with him the first time me and him had the best night of my life slowly everything went white was this it i could hear harrys voice yelling my name in sobbes i could feel his hand holding mine i herd the boys telling him that everything was going to be okay just calm down sleep i herd him scream nothing is allright shes half dead! how could anyone sleep! then he came back and to me and held my hand again and said inbetween sobbes marina i love you, your the best thing that has ever happened to me please just wake up! the nurse came in and said harry stop, your making her heart beat going quicker should could over react and have a heart attack please go sit in the waiting room.

harrys pov: how could i let this happen why did jessica have to call me and her had a thing but i ended it when  i was about to leave to america when she cheated on me. i couldn't stop crying marina is my love, my world, my everything. and all i could do is wait in a waiting room! louis and niall were holding my hand and said harry evrything will be fine just sleep we will wake you when they tell us about marina just sleep. okay i said and dozed off.

marina pov: i could here we are losing her! come on people hurry up lets go! then i could feel a big shock and my chest go up then i herd them say this all we can do she will make for now we have wait till morning and see if she wakes. what do they mean! could i not wake up at all would i be in this white place forever!

nialls pov: for all of harry's sake i hope she makes it i can tell i he loves her more than air. this is the is the first girl i have ever seen harry like this much.

liam pov: gosh harry fell asleep in my lab i could hear him say marina's name i feel really bad.

zayn pov: how could all this happen they were deeply in love the other day!

louis pov: i know what happen jessica must of called harry and marina answered the phone and then ran away, haz must feel bad but it isn't his fault its jessica's shes the one who did this.

harry's pov: louis waked me up saying the doctor is coming i rose up quickly wanting good news. the doctor said that we are aloud to go in the room but we must must not be too loud. i ran to her room i found her sleeping still connected to the wires i sat next to her grabbing her hand i leaned in and kissed her cheek i felt her move but that was all that happened.

marinas pov: i felt a hand i it felt like harry he kissed my cheek i knew it was him i tried escapeing the white place i pushed up but fell back down. i herd him say in my ear i love you  marina wake up. how could i ! it is so hard to get up i felt another person in the room it was louis he said harry eat and get some water or you will pass out your self but he said no. i wanted him to eat and i knew what i had to do i pushed another time and harry said look shes moving! i heard lou's footsteps and he was by my side then i fell and louis said look hazz go eat and you will come back this time he said okay but dont take your eyes off her and i herd him walk away. louis held my hand and said i dont know if you can hear me but if you can try moving again and he waited i pushed up again and i guess my body moved but i fell again he said good good so did you move just now when harry was in here to get him to go eat move again if so i pushed and fell but i moved so he said okay marina let me tell you about jessica she and harry did have a thing but she cheated on him and he broke up with her so when you wake please forgive him remember when harry said he did bad things in the past it was because a week before we left to come to america he went out every night to clubs and getting girls because he was heart broken and sweared from the day he broke up with jessica he would never find love again but the contest thing came along and we got to choose the winner and when your picture and information popped up his eyes lit up and he was the first one to click and see more about you so we knew it would be a good idea to pick you we thought you would fix everything and you did he fell inlove with you more than he did with jessica could you move one more time and tell me that you herd me? i pushed and he said good i fell. harry walked in and louis said i was moving a lot he didn't say anything about our conversation. harry ran to me and grabbed my hand and kissed me i felt myself lift out of the white place i didn't fall i opened my eyes and kissed him back he opened his eyes and said marina your awake ! i smiled and said everything is fine.


hey people keep reading hope you like it so far , tell me what you think about it so far leave your commits below and next chapter will be called " jessica, leave me alone"


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