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hello my name is Lillyan Marie love and this is my first one direction fanfiction so please be nice thank you.
this story is about a girl named marina she has won the one direction concert tickets another harry styles fanfiction yes yes i know they are all the same but this one is different i promise you will love it! ps: this story is ment for teens not kids

sincerly, Lillyan Marie love


6. hate

i woke up in harrys ams with him smiling down at me i smiled and we both said i love you and kissed for some reason everything felt like a dream but i knew it wasn't , my phone went ringing with notifications! what could it all be then i read mentions of me on twitter from kayle_styles56 stupid slut needs to get a way from harry. another one i read from marinapaynelison12 shes needs to die in a hole! i cant believe i have the same name as her!! i started to cry really hard there was so much hate being sent to me i just broke down harry quickly came to me and said marina are you okay?! whats wrong ! i couldn't speak i just gave him my phone and he saw all the hate he threw the phone down; hugged me tight and said everything is going to be okay marina i love so much everything will be fine i hugged him back and cryed into his chest saying between sniffles he grabed his phone and he tweeted EVERYONE STOP THE HATE I LOVE MARINA LEAVE HER ALONE! then i tweeted another thing " marina is my love shes my everything,my world..... so please leave her alone. it made me smile a little and he said theres that smile i love now marina you are my evrything now i love you so much. harry i love you too! he wiped my face and said then dont cry i dont like to see cry while still holding my face in his hands.

harrys pov: i woke up with marina in my arms i smiled down at her she made last night the best birthday ever with everything. she woke up i said i love you as she did too we started kissing then her phone went off like crazy so we stopped she slowy dropped her head and started crying! i asked what was wrong she couldn't speak just handed me her phone i read all the bad things she got on  twitter, i was terrible i threw the phone down and hugged after that i tweeted stuff telling the fans to leave her alone i love her i hope that would calm things down a little she just seemed so hurt i picked her up and placed her on the bed scooted in next to her and said we can stay in today i will text lou and tell we will be in here we can watch tv and just get your mind off things? yeah that sounds fine harry just let me freshen up ok. okay baby sorry about everything . dont worry im strong that cry was the last i promise.ok i love marina and never forget that . i love you too harry.


hey i know this is short but i felt like i just needed to add some downness everything seemed to happy i will probably post another chapter on sunday thanks. ps: 136 readers!!!!! i am happy 

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