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hello my name is Lillyan Marie love and this is my first one direction fanfiction so please be nice thank you.
this story is about a girl named marina she has won the one direction concert tickets another harry styles fanfiction yes yes i know they are all the same but this one is different i promise you will love it! ps: this story is ment for teens not kids

sincerly, Lillyan Marie love


5. harrys birthday


ps: im not the best at describeing things so....



today is going to be a good day i thought in my head its harrys birthday and i am going to give him the most amazing birthday gift ever, i saw him moving and waited for him to wake up.

happy birthday harry! good morning love. haha , the boys walk in and scream happy birthday harry!!! and harry says you guys its 9 in the morning why am i awake?! maybe because you have a beautiful girl in the bed right next louis said i blushed rosey red and harry said yeah thats probably why,so what are we doing today you guys? haha we are not giving up everything just like that today day is full of surprises just get ready and we will meet you two in the living room. okay.

when the boys left they closed the door and harry locked it and came to me and kissed me for a while we could have gone longer if it wasn't for the fact that we needed air,i breathed very hard and he kept his lips just above mine harry i love you i said between breaths i love you too he said inching closer to me pressing our bodys togeather then louis knocked on the door and said hurry up love birds we dont got all day i blushed and harry kissed me and walked away to take a shower, he was done within 5mins this time so i was just about to walk in when i forgot my towel and turned around to see a naked harry i quickly turned back and rushed into the bathroom i guess i forgot to lock the lock cause when i got out of the shower my towel was neatly folded and placed on the counter i was glad he saved the emberessment , but i all could think of is did he know i saw him?

we walked out of the hotel to screaming fans i didn't mind waiting i just wished they would give them a brake on their birthdays but oh well i guess when they were done with the mob we rushed into the van liam was driving i think he is the most decent driver out of them all let me explain when zayn drives you always see him glancing in the mirror, when louis drives and he sees a pigeon he yells kevin and almost kills us all, when niall drives hes always wanting to stop at a fast food place or if we are lucky nandos!, when harry drives he has loud music on and drives fast, me i cant drive yet sadly im not old enuff yet i have an 19year old boyfriend  but what ever its nice.

we have decided to take harry to ihop i know not the best of places but they have never been to one before then after that we are going to go to the movies ,spend time where ever he wants to go maybe we will go to the mall for those lucky fans who are there, then head back to hotel and have dinner at the  restaurant there.

(after eating at the hotels restaurant) 

im full zayn said, why did we eat so much liam added , you guys im still straving! niall shouted , i think i just saw kevin fly by! i want to go back to the room im tired haha okay guys lets go back. when we got back to the rooms harry walked in ours and i stayed behind and asked louis to give me his key he asked why with his eyebrows up and i said tonights gonna be a special night witch i regret saying cause he smiled really wide and said goodluck and handed me the key. i walked in the room and walked toward the bed i had no idea what i was doing this was my first time what if i messed up!? i put to the side cause i saw harry on his phone.

watcha you doin i said cutely to him he looked up and smiled tweeting today was my best birthday by far. aww yay! i planned everything you know that right i said he laughed and said i knew it when we went to ihop babe while grabing me and placing me beside him i squealed a little bit. he placed his lips on my and everything was perfect we made out for a bit then i started fidaling with his shirt buttons he took it off as for me i took mine of after he did, then i placed my hand on his jeans witch he gladly unbotton and slipped them off the only thing left inbetween us was his boxers,my underwear and bra. he stopt when i guess he realized what we have done so far and he gave me a look with dazzleing eyes asking if it was okay i nodded my head in return he slowly slipped off my bra watching my reaction then he started kissing me again while slowy going down from my lips to my neck to my stomach and back up witch gave me shivers but i liked it, he took the next step and took his boxers; he started rubbing up against me i slipped out some moans he slowy stopped and i slipped my underwear off we were both completely naked now before he could do anything he opened the night stand and grabbed a condom he placed it on him self he gave me another look that said are you ready? i nodded my head quickly he knew this was my first time so it would hurt so he took it easy, he slowy pushed while i let out a tiny scream and started kissing me so i wouldn't be to loud he was finally in completely; he slowy started going  faster witch came with more moans fromthe bothe of not sure of what happened after that it all seems like a blurr for i have had the best day of my life i just hope he did too.

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