the question

hello my name is Lillyan Marie love and this is my first one direction fanfiction so please be nice thank you.
this story is about a girl named marina she has won the one direction concert tickets another harry styles fanfiction yes yes i know they are all the same but this one is different i promise you will love it! ps: this story is ment for teens not kids

sincerly, Lillyan Marie love


2. feelings for you

marinas pov: As i woke up the morning i was confused of where i was but then i found a curly haired boy with green eyes stareing at me smileing i smiled back of course.but i had a question to ask him.

harry..... shh...marina i know you want to know what was last night about and i will tell you i have had feelings for you before we ever met i just knew there was somthing about you that there was different and i just started to have feelings for you that i could not explain i dont care about anything but you right now you make my heart go wild ever time i see that sparkle in your eye and that lovely smile of yours it just makes me so happy theres no explanation.

marina is silent all she could do is go to harry and hug him tight. i will take that as you like me too? yes it does she said into his ears and he hugged her even tighter while kissing her forehead. well well what do we got here louis shouted at the top of his lungs making all the other boys run into the room so you guys what were you doing the boys say raising their eyebrows at the same time, harry gave marina a look asking if he say what happen she gave him the look that said not yet so he made somthing up well you see when i was getting up she was allredy up and we were both walking the same direction and i accedently stept on her foot and i felt really bad cause it seemed like it hurt so i gave her a hug and started saying sorry. are you sure thats what really happened hazza? yes i am 100% sure. okay. so how bout we get some ice for your foot marina oh no need for that my foot feels better now are you sure i am positive. okay well we have gotten lunch ready so come and eat they said leaving the room. harry gave marina a smile and said so when....when you offcially ask me so not yet! ahh i see how it is so can i at least do this harry said while picking marina up and steeling a quick peck on the lips harry whats..... oh i see you guys just didnt want to say anything to us boys louis said harry quickly put marina down and asked pleaded that he did not tell them that him and marina arnt offciall yet. i wont hazza ! marina said thanks and ran out of the room to go eat lunch.

harrys pov: all i could think about was how i was going to ask her to be my girlfriend and where it was going to be too! when i walked into the room the boys left and marina was sitting eating and smiled at me when she looked up my heart raced as i went to go sit by her to eat lunch she grabbed my hand and held it  this made me feel all warm inside and a great idea came inside my head i knew just what to do to make her mine.

________________________________________________________________________________hey sorry for the short chapter and how long it took i have had writers block and a frustrating week but thanks for being patient i will have another chapter by tuesday so please commit below i know i got some readers last time i cheaked i have had 41! not much but it still excites me! thank you next chapter will be "the date" :)

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