A random story for the competition- pulling at my gravity- i think its called that. Well i guess its not that random then....


3. just close your eyes



I woke up to darkness, no wait I just hadn't opened my eyes; but I could hear voices. They seemed so quiet and distant. I was feeling sleepy again. My mind went heavy and blank as I was giving into sleep. NO! I couldn't give in. not again. For the last few hours I had been repetitively slipping in and out of consciousness but not this time. With all my might I slowly heaved up my eyes. The light was blinding. A second later, there was a gasp shortly followed by urgent voices. What was happening? I still felt really sleepy but I was determined. I tried to speak but I wasn’t expecting much. A croak came out. More than I was expecting. Suddenly, a familiar face with brown eyes appeared. I couldn’t quite place it. It hit me as fast as lightening- that would explain why I sat bolt upright. I instantly hugged him. It was Alex. Then I realised what I had done, and I felt my cheeks burning up. Then I felt him hugging me back. But why? I realised how much effort it had took to sit up, and I slumped back and he gently put me down. I quickly scanned the room. Hospital. Of course, in no time at all I began to panic and the monitor began beeping. My eyes were shooting in every direction as the shouting loudened. Alex was shouting for a nurse as soothingly as he could, so not to scare me. Not that it would make a difference, because it wasn’t long until I felt a hot tear make its way down my flushed face. People were surrounding me now: writing stuff on note boards, or asking me silly questions, like how many fingers were they holding up or what my name was. However insignificant these things seemed, I played along obediently. Soon, they came to the conclusion it was just in shock, and I was advised to rest. I followed there instructions, although all I really wanted to do was talk to alex. I searched the room with my eyes but soon realised he wasn’t in the room. Surely he wouldn’t just leave and anyway I was so sleepy. With thoughts of what I would say to him when he came back I soon fell into a deep yet restless sleep…

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