A random story for the competition- pulling at my gravity- i think its called that. Well i guess its not that random then....


5. I think, I think

Waking up this time was much easier, although every muscle in body seemed to ache. I managed to sit up but not for long so I propped myself up with some plump pillows. I looked around. He wasn’t there. Of course, I should have known- but obviously no. Once again I got my hopes up and-

Someone walked into the room. I let out a long, relieves sigh of happiness as Alex casually strolled over to my hospital bed and handed me a cup of coffee. I muttered a quick thanks and gulped down the sacred drink and let its warmth hug every part of my body. I quickly got used to the idea of being in a hospital although occasionally I still found myself jumping when anyone walked through my door. I lifted my head back to let the last drips of the coffee slide down my tongue. I looked into the empty cup just to make sure there wasn’t any left, and although I knew it was empty I still tipped it back. I heard a quiet chuckle and remembered he was sat next to me.  The redness in my cheeks returned immediately. I gently placed the cup on the wooden table next and turned to him.  Without even thinking it through, I asked quite cockily ‘so where is your little girlfriend?’

He looked quite embarrassed so I whispered ‘sorry.’

After about a minute he replied with the obvious ‘we finished.’                                                    I had to hold back a small smile, but he did look kind of regretful. This time I let out a small sympathetic smile, and yes, I knew it was extremely mean but I just couldn’t help feeling triumphant.

‘Hey, I have something to tell you, and I'm not quite too sure how to say this but… I think…’ he paused for a moment and I realized I was holding my breath. ‘I think… I, lo-‘ He was broken off by an urgent scream. Followed by a gunshot…

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