You Belong With Me(A Taylor Swift Fan-Fic)

Hello I'm Taylor Swift.
I believe in love at first sight.
And this is what I have just experienced.
But I'm not perfect, You have someone better.
Prettier,Skinnier and well she has him.


4. Chapter 4

Yes! We're winning! Seeing as it's half time I'm going to get a hotdog! I started walking down the stairs,I heard shouting and looked at the cheerleaders. Oh well,I grabbed my hotdog and as I was putting sauce on, I heard shouting again but this time,I understood it. 


Chantelle and Callum.


"No,your useless! Your the worst boyfriend,I'm going back with Jack. Bye."


She stormed off into Jack's embrace. Callum sunk into the floor and the bell went. I ran up to the stands again and caught his sight again then he looked down again. Jack threw the ball to Callum and he started running,5 seconds left! He looked at me and stopped,he dropped the ball. 




He kept on looking at me,he started making his way up to the stand. I made my way down to the stairs,the bell went. 


"Why did you stop?"


He laughed and ran his fingers through his hair.


"Will you-"




"I'll ask you later."


He ran down to his coach. 


Great. What was he about to say?!



"Doo bee doo bee doo."


A raindrop hit the tip of my nose,damn it's gonna rain. I flipped my hood up and started making my way down the stairs,no way am I staying in the rain. I looked at the pitch one last time.

One minute left.

I carried on walking before Callum's eyes found their way to mine. He had the ball. He noticed me walking off and kicked the ball towards the goal,still keeping his eye contact with me. 

10 seconds.

I broke eye contact to see the ball flying towards the goal.









The ball landed on the ground.


Connor, Callum's friend kicked the ball into the back of the net.



They'd won the game. Callum made his way towards me,the rain getting heavier and heavier by the second. He grabbed my face and brought it towards his. His breath sending shivers down my spine,he eyed my lips and leaned foward. His lips joined mine,they fit together like puzzle pieces. The shock went away after a moment and I wrapped my fingers in his hair.

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